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Titelbild "Warum wir zukünftig auf Rübenzucker setzen"

What is beet sugar and what are its benefits?

It's finally out: We're switching from coconut blossom sugar to beet sugar. Find out everything about cultivation, sustainability and use in our beet sugar FAQ.
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Osterbundles in österlicher Stimmung

Better snacking: nucao vs. other chocolate bars

Chocolate makes happy! Most of us would probably sign that without thinking twice. She's sweet, she's delicious,... she's a sin? Conventional candy bars are packed with inferior ingredients like skimmed milk powder and wrapped in plastic. We love chocolate too,...
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Holztisch mit numove Fitness Shake

numove shake vs. conventional protein shakes

What are the disadvantages of traditional protein powders? And how does numove Shake solve these problems?
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Bioplastik daheim kompostierbar

Bioplastics – we clarify

It is no longer a secret that conventional plastic packaging is not good for the environment. That is why more and more companies are turning to alternatives such as bioplastics. But these are not always equally good. We create clarity in the conceptual jungle.
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Nutri Score Lebensmittelampel Nucao

Nutri-Score - a fair system?

Check the nutrient profile of food quickly and easily with the Nutri-Score traffic light? 🚦 In this article we tell you why the alarm bells are ringing.
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Industriezucker Rieselzucker

Where it says chocolate, it shouldn't just contain sugar.

Chocolate is very popular with (almost) everyone. If you take a look at the list of ingredients, it quickly becomes clear that there is one thing in conventional chocolate bars: a lot of sugar. Instead of the 25 grams of...
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Plätzchen backen mit Oma

4 tips for a sustainable Christmas

Christmas Eve is in 4 weeks. 🎁 While Christmas is still a long way off for some, others are already being woken up by “Last Christmas” in the morning, have replaced their coffee with mulled wine and are already starting...
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Kuh mit Kälbchen tierisches protein

Animal Protein - 3 Reasons We Don't Need It

Most of us are already well aware that proteins play a key role in our bodies. It usually becomes an issue at the latest when you start a diet or start fitness training. Muscle building in particular is often mentioned...
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Kakaobohnen am baum

Why cocoa and cow's milk don't belong together

When you think of milk and chocolate, do you think of the perfect couple from the commercial or of your health? In this article you will learn everything about the benefits of real cocoa and why you should avoid milk...
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Numove Proteinriegel auf Holztisch

The protein duel: numove vs. conventional protein bars

What is delicious, all natural and provides the muscles with protein? That's right, there's nothing coming for a long time. We asked ourselves when the free weight area would finally become a free-of-chemicals area and we knew it was time...
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Donut mit pinker Glasur und Zuckerstreuseln

Sugar is not just sugar

Full sugar cones for school enrolment, cakes with sugar icing in cafés and the candy floss machine on the kids' wish list: the sugar mountain is rising. On the other hand, topics like "sugar withdrawal", "sugar detox" and "sugar diet" seem to be almost a trend. The white sweetness is often accompanied by words such as "poison", "drug", "addiction" and "harmful" and is often mentioned in the same breath as intolerance, headaches and diabetes. Does a waiver really make sense and what are the alternatives?
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Ballaststoff Quellen Bedarf decken

Dietary fibers - the underestimated helpers for your health

Your body can neither use them nor do they provide you with energy or important micronutrients. Nevertheless, they are absolutely important for a healthy diet and a functioning metabolism: fiber. But just a quarter of women and a third of...
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