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Why cocoa and cow's milk don't belong together

When you think of milk and chocolate, do you think of the perfect couple from the commercial or of your health? In this article you will learn everything about the benefits of real cocoa and why you should avoid milk chocolate for the sake of your health. Don't worry, we also have a nutritious and delicious alternative. Here we go:

What is cocoa?

Most people think of the chocolaty hot drink, which is wonderfully warming, especially now in winter. But before that happens, an inconspicuous bean has to travel a long way. This journey begins on trees in Central America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The valuable fruits grow on them, which in turn reveal the pulp and seeds when opened. The beans are still white in this state and only get their significant brown color during fermentation.

Cocoa Chocolate Break

They are not only used in drinking chocolate, but are also a popular ingredient in cosmetics - and of course in the manufacture of chocolate. The brown gold is also an indispensable main ingredient for our chocolate bars.

Cocoa - the all-rounder for health

Cocoa is not only versatile, but also extremely valuable. It has a high calcium content. Our body needs calcium to build bones and teeth, muscle contraction, blood clotting and the transmission of nerve impulses. The iron content is also considerable: around 7.3 mg per 100 g. Iron is important for our red blood cells and for transporting oxygen around the body.

The noble beans also make us happy. This is due to the release of various neurotransmitters, which in turn are responsible for the release of happiness hormones. The phenylethylamine it contains has an antidepressant effect, the released endorphins increase our motivation and anandamide has a mood-enhancing and relaxing effect. The contained tryptophan is in turn converted into serotonin, which provides a high feeling. So there is definitely something to the claim "chocolate makes you happy".

Cocoa is good for beauty

You read that right, the inconspicuous bean can also make us even more beautiful (than we all already are ❤️), if you believe the relevant studies. It should not only care for the skin when used externally in the form of cosmetics, but can also provide internal support. This should slow down the formation of wrinkles and make the complexion appear fresher. That makes enjoying chocolate even more fun, doesn't it?

Particularly valuable: antioxidants in cocoa

Antioxidants are so-called “radical scavengers”. Among other things, they are formed by the body itself in the form of enzymes and hormones, but they can also be ingested through food. This works particularly well with vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc and secondary plant substances.

"Free radicals" are created in various metabolic processes and through external influences such as environmental toxins, UV rays or pollutants such as nicotine, alcohol and drugs. As is so often the case, too much free radicals is not good, because it triggers oxidative stress, which in turn causes aging faster and is said to promote various diseases. So: keep calm and eat some chocolate.

Lettering Keep calm and eat some chocolate

Milk inhibits positive cocoa properties

Traditional chocolate is created when sugar and milk come into play. Combined with the aromatic beans, it creates a sweet taste that many cannot resist. However, sugar and especially milk destroy the positive effect of pure cocoa. The reason: animal protein reduces the antioxidant effect. We too want to enjoy chocolate to the fullest, but not forego the positive properties. That's why the solution is: do without animal protein and rather enjoy the powder in a plant drink or go straight to our delicious snacks .

So we used the valuable Kakako benefits for chocolate

We do not use milk, milk powder or other animal ingredients in any of our products. nucao white owes its creamy consistency and full-bodied taste to tigernut flour, for example. This not only tastes great, but also gives the antioxidants in our main ingredient full scope to develop. From now on you can nibble through our range of bars with an even better conscience.

Stack bars nucao numove

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