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4 tips for a sustainable Christmas

Christmas Eve is in 4 weeks. 🎁 While Christmas is still a long way off for some, others are already being woken up by “Last Christmas” in the morning, have replaced their coffee with mulled wine and are already starting to run errands for the festival. At the latest when the wish list has been processed, the question arises: How do I wrap my presents? In this case, however, we are not talking about different wrapping paper designs, but about how each of us can reduce our own carbon footprint at Christmas. Not just in packaging.

Christmas: #nutraditions and how to implement them

We already explained in our article on the impact of Christmas that it's time for new traditions: the carbon footprint is increasing, packaging waste is increasing and sugar rush has become a habit. Since we are huge fans of the festival of charity ourselves, we want to give you helpful tips on how to celebrate this year in a sustainable way. We started a survey on Instagram and collected helpful tips:

Christmas trees

1. Lower your carbon footprint

Our community agrees: In order to give something back to the planet, some of them do not give gifts at all, do not buy a tree or rely on an alternative tree. In this case, for example, you can easily decorate your favorite plant, buy a wooden tree or make one yourself, or even better - buy a tree in a pot and then plant it.

2. Give and pack sustainably at Christmas

Almost a third of our community is already using alternative packaging, be it newspaper or a reusable fabric bag. The wrapping paper from the previous year can also be used again instead of being thrown away straight away. You can also make other beautiful things from the old paper: collages, gift bags and tags, cards or envelopes. You can find some inspiration on the internet; Instructions included. If you would like to buy gifts, preferably support regional, smaller shops in your area.

3. Whip up a vegan Christmas dinner at home

A third of our community also relies on a vegan Christmas meal to reduce CO2 emissions. Many also favor homemade gifts, because they are much more personal anyway and are fun and varied when creating them. It is no secret that flying and travel in general contribute significantly to the climate crisis. That's why we - and according to the survey, you too - increasingly rely on a party at home. Without having to travel for it.

Man and child stand in front of the advent calendar from the nu company and open the little door

We have taken all the climate-critical traditions to heart and with Snowy, our eventful Carelendar and our limited nucao variety Winter Spice, we not only want to give you a delicious, contemplative Christmas time, but also do something good. That's why all products are vegan, fair, plastic-free and free of sweeteners, flavors and inferior ingredients. In addition, we plant a tree for each product - as usual. Definitely a lasting contribution to the celebration of love, right? 🤗

Chocolate penguin Snowy in a winter setting

4. Get inspired by DIY ideas

Whether for the Christmas tree (in a pot) or the dining table – you can easily make the decoration yourself ( DIY = D o i t y ourself). For example, you can dry orange slices and hang them on branches with cloves or use them as gift tags. This not only looks festive, but also provides a Christmassy scent. Did you know that you can also conjure up candles from oranges? Halve the fruit and carefully separate the flesh from the skin. So that the inner stalk can be used as a wick. Then pour olive oil into the hollowed-out bowl, wait until the stalk has soaked and light it. Super simple, super sustainable and guaranteed to be unique.

Tree decorations and table decorations can also be made from wood and straw. Grab a few friends and have a cozy handicraft afternoon - time is one of the most beautiful gifts anyway.

Even sustainable gifts for Christmas are not rocket science. How about baking some delicious cookies or making jam yourself? Punch and Christmas stollen don't have to be bought either, and the home-made version is great fun for friends and acquaintances.

And for packing? Discarded printer paper, newspapers or magazines are ideal for making gift bows or can be used to wrap the entire present in an attractive way.

How do you celebrate sustainable Christmas?

What ideas do you have for homemade gifts and decorations? How do you celebrate Christmas Eve and which traditions are you already implementing or would you like to start? Please let us know:

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Snowy wishes you a sustainable Christmas

Vegan organic chocolate for Christmas

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