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Nutri Score Lebensmittelampel Nucao

Nutri-Score - a fair system?

A traffic light that quickly and easily provides initial information about the nutrient profile of a food. Sounds pretty nice! But when we found out that nucao corresponds to category D in the Nutri-Score, while frozen meals, diet coke and chocolate pudding are in the green, alarm bells rang for us.

What is the Nutri Score?

The Nutri-Score is calculated using a point table, with which positive and negative ingredients are offset against each other . The lower the total score, the better the rating. Since November 2020 we can find the Nutri-Score on more and more foods. It is intended to support customers with a healthy diet. Labeling has so far been voluntary . So far so good!

What is the problem with the Nutri-Score?

Ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins are not included in the calculation . For example, olive oil performs very poorly due to its 100% fat content. Additives such as flavor enhancers or sweeteners are also ignored in the calculation.

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How is nucao doing in the Nutri-Score?

As you know, the high cocoa, hemp seed and nut content in our bars results in a relatively high fat content. However, nuts and hemp seeds provide important unsaturated fatty acids such as the essential omega-3 fatty acids. And although the total nut and hemp seed content of our bars is over 40%, this has no positive impact on the calculation of the score.

Nucao White between fingers

Our conclusion on the Nutri-Score

The assessment is oversimplified and does not do justice to all lifestyles. There should be stricter regulations for which foods it makes sense to use the Nutri-Score, because this label is currently not sufficient for a holistic evaluation of foods and can lead to misjudgments by consumers.

That is why we have decided against using the Nutri-Score so far.

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