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Partner Eden Reforestation Project

Afforestation - with every product into a greener world

Around 10.4 million hectares of tropical forests are still disappearing every year. The most species-rich ecosystem on earth is thus being extensively destroyed. Our partner Eden Reforestation Project counteracts this development. The successful reforestation network ensures that more trees are planted again and "the green lungs" of the earth are saved.

The origin of the idea

Eden Reforstation Project was founded in 2004 by Dr. Founded by Stephen Fitch. As a child of development workers, he grew up in the Philippines and experienced first-hand how the downward spiral of poverty can destroy entire lives. During a stay in Ethiopia, he was able to observe how villages were practically swept empty due to radical deforestation. Many of the villagers who had lived there for generations were about to be resettled in a refugee camp.

This is how the reforestation project works

dr Ever since the Eden Reforestation Project was founded, Stephen Fitch's aim has been to revitalize the environment destroyed by deforestation in order to create a livable environment for the local population and lift them out of poverty.

In doing so, Dr. Fitch not only focuses on restoring the rainforests, but above all on helping the local population and economy. For this reason, local people are hired for the planting of the fallow land and the subsequent care of the forests, who receive a fair and long-term income for their work. It is also a social project that gives people a perspective on the spot.

Our partner Eden Projects is financed by donations from companies or individuals who value the sustainable development of this planet. With every product you buy, you too contribute to a greener world that helps plant trees and improve local life.

The idea works

As a non-profit organization in the USA and international non-governmental organization (I-NGO) in the project nations, Eden Reforestation Projects now operates as one of the most successful reforestation networks in the world. In 2007, Eden acquired fallow land in Madagascar for further afforestation and in 2010 a afforestation project was also launched in Haiti. In 2015, the project in Ethiopia ended with almost 16 million trees planted and a new project was started in Nepal. Since its inception, Eden has created a total of 3,500 full and part-time jobs across all projects and has planted nearly 200 million trees to date. And that is just the beginning.

Reforestation includes species protection

As its latest project, Eden has dedicated five additional hectares of land solely as a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for endangered species such as lemurs, crocodiles, turtles and chameleons in Madagascar.

Long-term goals of the project

By 2020, Eden aims to plant at least 100 million trees each year. That's equivalent to about 1,400 football pitches or the entire area of ​​Cyprus every year. Tens of thousands of well-paid jobs are planned for the reforestation of this area, giving hope and perspective to even more local people in countries at high risk of poverty.

With the primary goal of reducing the extreme poverty of the population in the southern countries with the help of reforestation, the organization has now grown into one of the greatest role models for the elimination of environmental damage and positive soil management. This position is to be retained and further expanded in the future.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that we also receive critical voices that describe the planting of trees as greenwashing. You can read why we have an absolutely trustworthy partner in Eden in theblog article " Planting trees - just a marketing strategy? The biggest allegations " .

Planting seedlings against climate change

Eden Reforestation Projects is therefore a comprehensive project that not only helps nature, but also the people in the regions in the long term. With every product you buy from us, we plant a tree together with Eden Projects and the local population. Thank you for participating! Thank you for making a difference together.


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