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plastikfreie Verpackung bei the nu company

Bye plastic: Our sustainable cellulose packaging

Plastic, plastic, plastique, plástic or 塑料 - We live in a throwaway society in which pollution from plastic waste and microplastics are unfortunately ubiquitous - after all, they are an integral part of many packaging. However, plastic no longer only contaminates landscapes, bodies of water and soil, but also ourselves. Researchers have recently detected residues of tiny plastic particles in human bodies for the first time. Yes ok, plastic is certainly practical and useful as a material due to its durability and robustness. But what is still lacking is a critical examination by politics and business of the current disposal problems of plastics and their catastrophic consequences for us and our planet. Concrete and effective measures to curb the plastic flood at a global level have not yet been implemented.

#plasticfree – this is how sustainable packaging works

Do you wish for a world without plastic waste? We also!

We have therefore decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own contribution to reducing plastic waste. " Be the change you wish to see in the world " - Inspired by Gandhi's wise words, we want to set a good example and have developed particularly environmentally friendly packaging alternatives for our products - plastic-free and home compostable. In this article you will find out everything you need to know about our packaging film

Did you know, …?

...that every German produces an average of around 120kg of plastic waste every year?

...that according to the current state of knowledge, plastic can never be completely decomposed by microorganisms? It only decomposes into microplastics and later into nanoplastics and therefore often remains in the environment as disruptive bodies for up to 500 years or longer.

…that plastic production worldwide has increased twentyfold since the 1960s from 15 to 322 million tons in 2015? With 11.5 million tons, more plastic is consumed in Germany than in any other European country - and the trend is rising

.…that the packaging industry accounts for 40% of the total plastic consumption in Europe and that packaging films in Germany account for by far the largest share of the total plastic packaging production at around 38%? Followed by 16% percent for cups and cans and 12% for pouches and carrier bags.

…that in Germany less than 50% of plastic waste is currently recycled, i.e. used to manufacture new products? The rest goes to waste incineration plants or is exported.

Our packaging films in detail

The nucao packaging film is plastic-free and home compostable

Our environmentally friendly packaging films were developed together with a specialist for our specific needs. Our bar packaging is certified home compostable. The two foils made of starch and cellulose are bioplastics that are based on renewable raw materials and are also biodegradable in home compost. In this way, our chocolate bars are optimally protected.

We use natural and renewable raw materials such as cellulose, starch, acid, sugar and natural and synthetic oils. We are not yet aware of a better alternative, but we are always looking for even better options. The good thing about our packaging: all components are home compostable, GMO-free and have been awarded the "PLASTICFREE" trust mark by the British environmental organization "A Plastic Planet" .

What to do with the packaging? Correct disposal:

Ideally, you can dispose of our packaging films in the compost at home. In order for the film components to decompose in the natural biological cycle and be returned directly to nature as valuable materials, sufficient heat, moisture and microorganisms are required. All of these components are naturally present in a compost, so our film breaks down into biomass, water and CO2 in under 12 months in a well managed home compost.

Don't have your own compost?

No problem, because you can dispose of our foils in the yellow sack or the black bin. In Germany, waste disposal is regulated at the municipal level, which is why the disposal approval of compostable films is subject to the technical possibilities of the municipal composting plants. Not every composting facility has the same heat and humidity conditions, and each facility also has its own regulations on the maximum time a substance may take to fully decompose. In the meantime, there are actually a large number of different biodegradable films in circulation in Germany, which makes it more difficult for waste disposal companies to recognize the differences and to adjust their composting plants accordingly. A large part of the German composting plants is not yet prepared for the correct disposal of compostable films. The foils are perceived there as a "disturbing factor" and sorted out by hand, which means an immense effort. If you want to learn more about this, we can recommend the following articles:

Our sustainable cellulose packaging

Sustainable packaging – is that even possible? Although our cellulose packaging is not yet perfect, we have not yet found a more environmentally friendly film. In general, of course, NO packaging is always the most sustainable choice.

sustainable packaging without plastic at numove bar

Even if bio-based plastics such as cellulose film still account for a very small share of the overall packaging market, in the long term there are numerous possibilities to produce them on a large scale from sustainable raw materials and energy-efficiently from agricultural, residual and waste materials or even algae. What matters now is better cooperation between business and politics, but also between producers and disposal companies. Because only through dialogue and compromises can the exit from the plastic mania and a nationwide reorientation towards compostable packaging succeed in the near future. We're doing it - will you join us?


Sustainable packaging for all our snacks

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