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Earth Day – am 22.04. ist Tag der Erde

Earth Day - cheers to our planet

On April 22nd we fill the champagne glasses for someone very special: our planet. Because in over 150 countries, the global Earth Day is finally giving our earth the attention it deserves. Instead of pointing the finger at everything that is not going so well, the day of action shows every year under a different creative motto how everyday life can be made more environmentally friendly: whether it is climate and environmental education in schools or creative environmental projects - the Earth Day brings together people with big visions who share their valuable knowledge. Enlighten and get inspiration for a better world? Exactly our thing!

The idea behind Earth Day

Once upon a time, global Earth Day began more than 50 years ago as a popular initiative launched by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. To this day, it is celebrated worldwide and is closely intertwined with national environmental policy in many countries.

The focus of Earth Day is - surprise - our earth. Fighting the climate crisis requires education and climate competence. Best from childhood. That is why the day of action is committed, among other things, to ensuring that every student in every school in the world has access to “climate and environmental education”. Corresponding program priorities are taught in schools so that even the youngest of us gain an awareness of sustainable action.

But not only that: Every year, Earth Day also brings together various associations, organizations (such as Greenpeace and Unicef), scientists, media and many other creative minds who share their food for thought for a greener world.

In Germany, the Earth Day movement has been anchored in the "International German Committee eV" as a non-profit environmental organization since 1994 - with the task of expanding Agenda 21, which was adopted at the UNO environmental summit in Rio in 1992. Long-term, permanent and sustainable.

Earth Day - what is it?
On 22.04. is Earth Day

Earth Day not only draws attention to environmentally relevant issues, but also calls for questioning one's own behavior. After all, we are all in the same boat when it comes to climate protection. Each year, the focus is on a different topic that can be easily integrated into private and/or professional life. We can all make a big difference with the smallest changes – and this works best with positivity and optimism rather than blame and pessimism.

We celebrate our planet. Every day.

Get out your party hat and let's celebrate our planet together! With our snacks you give our earth the attention it deserves every day - and it's simple and really tasty at the same time. nucao and numove make an enjoyable difference 365 days a year, because vegan, organic and plastic-free packaging, they protect our planet and actively give something back. To this end, we not only work and produce as climate-friendly as possible, but also invest bar by bar in the reforestation of our forests .

We would also like to give something back to you: For the first 100 orders of €50 or more, we will give you the perfect (reading) material for the energy transition - an issue of the Good News magazine enormous. With positive stories about sustainability, the magazine encourages a better future and has not secured a place of honor as required reading for nothing.

Enjoy really good chocolate and inspiring stories that make the world a little better - this is how snacking works for a better future.

the nu company celebrate Earth Day every day

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