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Kuh Tierquälerei

Dear dairy industry, you don't sell other mothers' milk.

Almost 1.2 million people in Germany now live vegan. Almost 7 million follow a vegetarian diet. Ascending trend! And that's good for our health at best, but mostly good for our planet. ⁠

For a long time, milk was touted as THE miracle cure par excellence and was very high on the list of foods consumed every day. Even today, dairy products are still among the staple foods in Germany. So why did we decide to turn our backs on milk and produce vegan chocolate bars instead?

Spilled glass of milk

To put it simply: a vegan lifestyle protects the environment, because plant-based foods end up on our plates without having to go through the animal. This not only saves countless animal lives, but also conserves resources such as water and land.⁠

In fact, we never really thought twice about making our product range completely vegan. The answer was always self-evident to us, because we never understood why milk powder is needed for good chocolate at all. For us, the question is more: Why should chocolate and co. NOT be purely plant-based?⁠

Facts about milk. Did you know that...

  1. every German consumes a total of 86 kilograms of fresh milk products a year? That makes us world leaders. And this despite the fact that the human body neither absolutely needs it nor is it originally designed to digest lactose. It is absolutely paradoxical that humans are the only creatures that consume milk from other animals and continue to do so in adulthood.
  2. factory farming (whether for milk or meat production) is one of the biggest climate sinners, while vegan nutrition reduces CO2 emissions? According to researchers from the University of Oxford and Agroscope, a global ban on animal products could reduce CO2 emissions from food by 49 percent. Although difficult to implement in practice, the number shows that individual behavioral changes can also have a positive effect.

Calf drinks milk at teat
Mechanical pumping of milk

Leaving aside the catastrophic conditions of animal husbandry, the production of dairy products places a huge burden on our environment. According to a study by Oxford University, 75% of the world's agricultural land could be saved if animal products were not produced. To put this in a more concrete way - this saving is equal to the area of ​​the USA, China, EU and Australia combined! Apart from that, manufacturing causes 60% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

What annoys us the most about this? The human organism does not need cow's milk to be healthy and is not originally designed to digest the lactose it contains. Overall, 10-15% of Germans in Germany are lactose intolerant. The lactose gets into their intestines and causes flatulence, diarrhea and nausea. Consumption also has unpleasant consequences for people with a milk allergy or an irritable bowel syndrome.

Would you like more insights into the advantages and disadvantages of milk consumption? Our friends from "Vegan is unhealthy" have dealt with the topic in more detail in this video:

Full creamy. Fully vegan: Tigernuts as an alternative to milk

At the latest on our trip to our first cocoa supplier in Bali (we now purchase
from Peru) we got to know the real taste of cocoa beans. There we became aware that this natural product is mixed with milk powder and sugar beyond recognition, and then sold as a sugar-sweet candy over the counter.

We love the real, strong taste of the cocoa bean. And if you reduce the sugar and leave out the powdered milk, you're doing your body a big favor as well. We use tigernut flour as an alternative in our products. So our products come from completely animal products. Because you don't need the cow for our second criterion for the best bar in the world either: the nutrient density. We prefer to use hemp seeds, tiger nut flour or almonds and ensure maximum creaminess with the finest cocoa grinding!⁠ ⁠

The tiger nut (also called tiger nut) is neither an almond nor a nut! More specifically, the core of a tuber is a herbaceous plant of the sourgrass family. The taste of these small kernels is reminiscent of the slightly sweet taste of almonds. By the way, tigernuts not only score points in terms of taste, but also because of their high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. They support healthy cardiovascular function and get our digestion going. ⁠

Bowl of tigernuts

So instead of using milk as a cheap filler in our chocolate, we deliberately use plant-based and organic raw materials. Because why should we produce a bar that harms the environment, people and animals when the exact opposite is also possible and tastes really good at the same time? We think it is time that the large food manufacturers also asked themselves this question and not only answered it from an economic point of view, but also took a holistic approach. For us, veganism not only means avoiding factory farming, but also avoiding the associated animal suffering and the negative effects on the climate. All nucao, numove and nuseed products are therefore vegan, soy-free and have the V-Label.

Buy vegan chocolate without milk

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