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Mitarbeitende von Eden Reforestation Projects mit Setzlingen zur Aufforstung

Sustainable chocolate bars - how nucao ensures fair conditions and a greener world

Cocoa: It's a dirty business - which many people like to look the other way. It is no longer possible to close your eyes to the catastrophic conditions on the cocoa plantations. Just as little as before the multitude of destroyed ecosystems and all those working at the subsistence level. How is our nucao chocolate bar supposed to change that? Hear us out:

Cocoa – a raw material with a tarnished image

Hard work, underpayment, gender inequality, child labor ... the poor working conditions on the cocoa plantations are no longer a secret. Nevertheless, large corporations skillfully close their eyes to it and carry on as usual - after all, it makes a lot of profit.

Is no chocolate the answer? no . Since we have already dealt extensively with the cocoa business in our blog article about fair cocoa , we will make it short here: Something has to change at last. Instantly. That's why we start with our chocolate bar right away.

Conventional chocolate bar: a man on a cocoa plantation holds a cocoa bean into the camera

nucao chocolate bar - cocoa from Fairtrade-certified cooperatives in Peru

Monocultures, deforestation and pesticides - cocoa cultivation can have many negative effects on our environment. To protect nature, we therefore only obtain our Fairtrade-certified cocoa from agroforestry systems . This offers many advantages not only from an ecological but also from an economic point of view:

  • Water regulation (trees catch and store water)

  • Soil improvement and erosion control

  • Carbon sequestration in trunks, branches and roots

  • biodiversity

  • natural pest control

  • habitat for animals

And that in turn brings advantages for farmers :

  • higher yields

  • varied products

  • higher and secure income

nucao chocolate bar: reforestation project in Nepal: woman cleans broom

All in one: The ecosystem regenerates, biodiversity increases, farmers are supported. At the same time, the Fairtrade seal guarantees compliance with human rights and the exclusion of child and slave labor - as you can see, everyone benefits here.

But we go even further with our nucao chocolate bar...

Every nucao chocolate bar supports our women-led reforestation project in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. When it comes to food, shelter and income, the residents here are fundamentally dependent on nature. Due to the massive deforestation, however, the residents lack access to vital resources. The risk of landslides has also increased significantly.

This is exactly why our help starts with every bar of chocolate in these areas: the reforestation of the exposed mountain slopes is an important step towards revitalizing the region and at the same time contributes to the sustainable use of wood resources.

nucao chocolate bar Reforestation project in Nepal: woman on a plantation

Of course, we can't handle such a monster project alone. That's why we get support from our long-term partner Eden Reforestation Projects . Native tree species such as tanner acacia and Indian rosewood are planted together with the local population and, step by step, people and nature are given back what is due to them.

The country needs strong women: our Nepal project for gender equality

All of Eden's work in Nepal is directed by National Director Rachhya. She personally witnessed the destruction of the local forests and is now instrumental in the restoration. What may sound normal to us is an important statement for Nepal: a contribution to finally overcoming gender inequality.

This is how your chocolate bar purchase supports the social project

It's quite simple: For every nucao chocolate bar sold, 5 cents go to our cooperation partner Eden. Ergo, a tree is planted with the purchase of every third bar . The donation amount covers all costs incurred - from the seedling to the care and wages of the employees

Let's be honest: No product can be 100% good for our planet. Because of this

let's be conscious, thank our cocoa farmers and celebrate our planet for being able to enjoy this chocolate bar!

We refrain from unfair conditions. Not really good chocolate. 🙌🏻

nucao chocolate bar titled Chocolate Activism done right
Label for nucao chocolate bars: fair trade, organic & vegan, plastic-free packaging

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