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nucao Tafelschokolade in allen 6 Sorten

NEW: nucao is now available as a chocolate bar #ChocolateActivism

NEW: nucao chocolate bar. We introduce you to our six limited chocolate varieties, which bite by bite make a crisp statement against climate change. And best of all, you help decide which variety makes it onto the supermarket shelf. Get ready for Chocolate Activism! ✊
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vegane nucao Tafelschokolade geöffnet

nucao chocolate bar - vegan revolution on the chocolate shelf

Vegan is trendy. Vegan is everywhere now. And it often only tastes semi-awesome. Agree? Join us on our way to the best vegan chocolate bar. Creamy, creamier, nucao chocolate bar!
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nucao Bunny: der vegane Schokohase stellt sich im Steckbrief vor

PROFILE - Our nucao bunny introduces himself

My name is Bunny and I know how things work. Why am I probably the most sustainable chocolate bunny for an uncompromising Easter? I'll tell you.
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nucao Bunny von the nu company ist Fairtrade-zertifiziert

Totally fair: Our Bunny cocoa is fair trade

Chocolate and Easter go together like – cocoa and unfair conditions? 100% fair, our nucao bunny shows that there is another way: with cocoa from Fairtrade-certified cooperations in Peru.
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numove berry blend frühstück shake

New year - new numove shake. The new recipe:

Never stop challenging - this is one of our core values. We asked ourselves what our body needs in active everyday life and around training. The answer: numove Shake now has an improved formula. Even creamier. Even more soluble. Even tastier and above all: with more than protein.
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Laufbahn Start Sport

Why the body needs more than protein after exercise

The strength training is over, the jogging session is over. Quickly drink a protein shake before the anabolic window closes, after all the muscles are supposed to grow and the diet should be supported. Muscle building, weight loss, meal replacement...
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Proteinshake herstellen

Probably the most sustainable shaker in the world

Tired of cheap plastic shakers? We also! So the brightest minds got together at the nu company to find a solution. After more than a year of research and cooperation with crafting future , we are proud of the development...
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Herstellungsprozess Proteinriegel

nu protein bars: the most exciting product thriller of the year

Making protein bars – how difficult can that actually be? Let's put it this way: Chuck Norris didn't make it. We spent a year and a half developing the product for the first natural protein bar on the market that...
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Glücklich durch nucao Schokoriegel

Never hangry again - do something good for your hunger

Be honest: we've all been really hangry at some point, haven't we? Even if you don't know the word, you've probably experienced it before.
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