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Proteinshake herstellen

Probably the most sustainable shaker in the world

Tired of cheap plastic shakers? We also! So the brightest minds got together at the nu company to find a solution. After more than a year of research and cooperation with crafting future , we are proud of the development of a sustainable and climate-friendly alternative that enriches everyday life.

The problem in the current market

Our protein shaker is based on the raw material sugar cane and is the result of real pioneering work in the field of sustainable product development. Why? The commercially available shakers are made from conventional and petroleum-based plastics such as polypropylene, mostly under questionable working conditions in China. This is cheap, but neither ecologically nor socially sustainable. You may not have been aware that you are carrying liquids around for hours in a container from which harmful substances are released into your drink.

Therefore, when developing our shaker, it was particularly important to us to use sustainable material and to create a product that is as timeless and durable as possible for regular use. What might surprise you the most is that our mug contains bio-based plastic.

Sugar cane sustainable bio-plastic

Sustainable mixing cup made of plastic? I don't get it.

As you probably already know, we generally take a stand against plastic waste with our philosophy, as you can see from the plastic-free packaging of our nucao and numove products. For this reason, we have also informed ourselves thoroughly to find possible alternatives to a plastic shaker. Glass breaks easily, is heavy and requires an aluminum lid. Stainless steel consumes too much CO 2 in production and requires a plastic seal. Wheatgrass mug from China? In addition to the long transport, they also have petroleum content and ominous additives. After the long research process and very intensive discussions in the team, it was clear to us: We have to find a compromise here (for the time being).

Cane molasses as the material of choice

We chose the bio-based plastic made from sugar cane molasses. Why? It combines key positive properties: 100% recyclable, bio-based, durable, without petroleum and without toxins. So we don't use cheap plastic, but process a bio-based plastic that is produced and shipped in an environmentally friendly way.

Sugar cane molasses is a by-product of processing sugar cane. Based on sugar cane and natural minerals, this plastic does not require any petroleum or harmful additives and can still be recycled without any problems via the yellow bag. Most bio-based materials cannot be recycled via standard waste management (such as PLA made from corn) and are only incinerated. For us, on the other hand, it is important to consistently think about the circular economy. When designing the product, we not only focused on a successful look, but also focused on making all components from the same material. Established processes in industry recognize the mono-material and the circular economy takes its course.

Production machine shaker

Insights from production: This is where the shaker gets its unique shape. The tool for this was specially made.

New design – made in-house

This consistency in creation also reflects the new design that we developed internally. While most other shakers, at least when it comes to the lid, use a wild mix of organic and geometric shapes, our shaker impresses with its clear, straightforward language. Instead of the easy-to-open pressure cap, we have developed a simple screw cap that stays tight and whose subtle profile allows it to be opened easily even with slippery fingers. To give the shaker its new shape, the tools were specially made by our cooperation partner crafting future .

Climate-friendly shaker - made with friends

In addition, it was very important to us that the production of the mixing cups takes place as locally as possible. That's why crafting future works with a family business north of Hamburg. This is how we ensure short delivery routes and achieve the smallest possible CO2 footprint.

Since we know the entire supply chain - from raw materials, through design, production and logistics to disposal - we were able to precisely determine the carbon footprint of the product. Through our constant optimization towards an environmentally friendly production process, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions to approx. 1 kg CO2 per cup. This corresponds to a hot shower lasting almost 7 minutes. The resulting CO2 emissions are offset by a certified climate protection project in Soacha, Colombia. You can find out more about this directly from Climate Partner .

A pioneer in development

Our sustainable and climate-friendly shaker has completed an impressive development journey. For future development, we are aware that a plastic-based product is not the perfect solution. But being a pioneer sometimes means making compromises. Unfortunately, there isn't a 100% sustainable, plastic-free alternative on the market yet that we could fall back on. In this regard, we rely on the further development of the packaging industry.

But that's why offering no alternative at all is not a solution for us either. We can justify this compromise because we classify the shaker as a multiple-use product, which, unlike packaging, does not end up in the trash right away. Similar to Tupperware, you can expect a long service life. Anyone who uses our product is also responsible as a consumer. Sustainability benefits from regular reuse of the products designed for it. If the shaker has shaken and stirred enough one day, then the environment will be happy if it is disposed of in the yellow bag, where it can be 100% recycled.