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Glücklich durch nucao Schokoriegel

Never hangry again - do something good for your hunger

Be honest: we've all been really hangry at some point, haven't we? Even if you don't know the word, you've probably experienced it before. Hangry is made up of the words "hungry" and "angry" and describes the point at which you get in a really bad mood because you're just hungry. Well, does it ring?

Hunger is stress for the body

The phenomenon can actually be explained quite simply: "If we haven't eaten anything for a long time, the blood sugar level falls. Certain hormones are no longer released - above all insulin. The body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline . These hormones initially make us hungry and shaky.

Our hungry brain then signals our body: Top priority = looking for food! This also activates our perception and reward center. This makes us more emotional and our perception more intense. Our bodies are under stress and more responsive. That can also make us aggressive ." ( That's why you're not yourself when you're hungry, 2018.)

Nucao satisfies hunger

The only remedy is usually a quick snack. In the vast majority of cases, in an emergency, we tend to resort to the unhealthier option. Good ingredients and sustainable packaging unfortunately quickly become secondary. Who can blame us? After all, we must first ensure our own survival (and that of our fellow human beings).

Hangy? Don't make it worse

But joking aside: the hangry snack is often pretty poor. We either rush through a short sugar high into an even more violent sugar low or the inferior ingredients and the high sugar content hit us directly on the stomach - and our conscience.

Reward yourself with nucao

Hangry and still reflected

Whether it 's nucao , numove or nuseed - with our nu+snacks you fight your hangryness sustainably - in a direct and figurative sense. Our natural organic ingredients keep you full for longer and the lower sugar content (compared to conventional chocolate bars) keeps your blood sugar level constant. As a result, there is no fall into the unpopular sugar low. All our products come to your home in plastic-free packaging and a tree is planted with every product. Clear conclusion: Our snacks are good all around - for you and our environment.

PS As soon as the hunger is satisfied, we can feel sorry for one or the other sentence afterwards - a chocolate bar for reconciliation can work real miracles. Try it yourself!