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vegane nucao Tafelschokolade geöffnet

nucao chocolate bar - vegan revolution on the chocolate shelf

Vegan is trendy. Vegan is everywhere now. And it often just tastes semi-awesome. Agree? On the way to the best vegan chocolate bar, we too saw a lot - until we found what is probably the tastiest plant-based alternative. Creamy, creamier, nucao chocolate bar!

The truth about vegan chocolate

Vegan foods are always in demand; even when it comes to sweets. If you take a look at the snack aisle, you lose out with the large selection vegan bars , milk-free chocolate bars and Co. quickly get an overview. Vegan chocolate isn't all that new.

Because the dark chocolates with at least 60% cocoa content usually do without milk - even before the vegan hype. The problem: It's dark chocolate and not milk chocolate. It is characterized in particular by its creaminess, lightness and a certain meltiness. And milk and milk powder in particular offer these indispensable properties.

Even though more and more people are looking for alternatives to a plant-based diet, they still don't want to give up the taste of their favorite foods. Luckily, there are now plenty of vegan alternatives that taste just as good… don't they?

vegan chocolate bar broken into pieces

Vegan Chocolate Bar – Expectation vs. Reality

Well, do you know that too? You come home after a long day and only want one thing: a break, a bit of nourishment for your nerves, a moment of pleasure with really good chocolate. Luckily you recently bought this vegan chocolate bar in the supermarket. Open the pack, break off the pieces and you are ready for a chocolate treat like in your childhood. Oops ... the reality is usually different: dry chocolate without melting, which is not remotely reminiscent of milk chocolate.

Frustrating? We think so too. That's why a solution had to be found to end this dreary existence of conventional chocolate alternatives once and for all!

The long way to what is probably the tastiest vegan chocolate bar

Making vegan chocolate is really a thing in itself. There is practically nothing that we didn't see on our table journey:

Almond powder, oat milk powder, coconut powder, tiger nut flour (well - that was us) and more. A pathetic attempt to imitate milk.

We too had to face the dry truth: Nothing says creamy like milk chocolate...until now! Because milk and milk powder still have no place in chocolate for us, we have found a better solution.

Creamy nucao chocolate bars in the flavors Almond Seasalt, Dark Creamy and White Vanilla

Our mission: to make the creamiest chocolate bar ourselves

Once again, we didn't let ourselves be splashed out and chose a completely new way - with no new ingredient, but a new process, which of course remains top secret. This not only makes milk and milk powder completely superfluous, but also ensures unbelievable creaminess !

And when we mean creamy , we mean this creamy that you will quickly forget all the chocolate bars you have ever known. Oh yes - we already mentioned how CREMIG . our chocolate bar is?

Tastier than ever: our new nucao chocolate bars

We don't know about you, but our mouths are already watering. Because there is no virtual sample yet, we'll just try to describe it to you. Basically, it's like this: Imagine the most melt-in-your-mouth chocolate you've ever tasted - only vegan and better. 😜

And so that there is something for everyone, of course we have everything at hand: from dark chocolate to white chocolate to whole milk alternatives . Advantage: In the 85 g size, the sweet treat tastes twice as long as with our “ mini chocolate bars

You. Want. love it.

Okay, enough raving. Try it yourself.

nucao chocolate bars in the flavors White Vanilla, Almond Seasalt and Creamy Coconut

More than chocolate bars: our great mission

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