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Protein-Fruchteis mit Soja-Joghurt

Protein fruit ice cream with soy yoghurt

Well, do you fancy a fruity cool down? We have created a new berry temptation for you and present you: nupro ice cream with frozen fruits and soy yoghurt. This creates cool enjoyment on hot summer days and refills your body's stores!


  • 500g Frozen Fruits
  • 250g soy yoghurt
  • 50ml oat milk
  • 50g nupro currant
  • some maple syrup for sweetness


Mix everything once, cool briefly in the fridge and tadaaa: nupro ice cream!

Katja Heinemann
... actually lives as a digital nomad with snacks or coffee behind her camera or laptop screen. If the desk turns out to be empty, she is most likely standing on a mountain in nature and letting the fresh air blow in her face.

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