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Morgenroutine Yoga Franzi Wagner

My morning routine: how to start the day with yoga and a healthy breakfast

A guest contribution by yoga coach Franzi Wagner

Hi, I'm Franzi and I love to move (and you)! Whether in the dance studio, on the yoga mat or in the gym: daily exercise has been an integral part of my everyday life for many years! As a dancer and yoga teacher, I get to share this passion with other people every day and love to motivate, inspire and see them grow - and today it's your turn!

"Exercise, a sustainable lifestyle and conscious nutrition are the absolute basis for me to feel fit and good."

Yoga with Franzi Wagner

The benefits of morning exercise

For me, the early bird catches the worm! I'm a real early bird and that's why I like to start the day with a combination of everything. I know that this is difficult to imagine for many, especially for morning grouches, and I admit: In the beginning it takes effort and certainly a bit of discipline! But in the end you determine the time – fortunately “morning” is a flexible term. For me there are only very clear advantages of exercise "after getting up and before the day": The body is moved once after the night, the circulation is stimulated, the head is immediately awake and afterwards you don't feel exhausted, but even have more energy for the day ahead!

Of course, it doesn't have to be a full 90-minute exhausting workout in the morning. My tip: find a form of exercise that is good for you and stick with it for a few days.

My tips for more motivation in the morning

  • Find something you enjoy. If you don't like jogging, don't necessarily join the morning joggers. Maybe loose dancing, a short yoga flow or a light workout are more suitable.
  • How much time can you spare in the morning? 15 minutes is wonderful!
  • Give your head a good start to the day too: breathe deeply and consciously in and out a few times. Sounds simple - works wonders!
  • Prepare your breakfast in the evening: dice the fruit, put out the oatmeal, arrange the plates, provide nucao spread ... anything that saves time is great and supports your conscious diet
  • PRO TIP : In the evening, get your complete sports outfit ready and roll out the mat. It's almost all done by itself in the morning.

Find balance with yoga

What I need most in the morning is a good balance of strength and stretching, rest and exercise. That's why yoga has become the optimal combination for me and the guarantee for a good morning! The serious side of life can wait a few more minutes. My yoga flows are relaxed, dynamic and with a large portion of lightness!

I want to share that with you today! I'll take you to my little morning routine on the mat - which I hope will give you a good start to the day too! And who knows - maybe you'll turn from a morning grouch to an early bird? Give it a try and maybe try to incorporate it into your routine every other day. Another motivating saying as a warm-up and off we go:

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going."

But what happens after Good Morning Yoga?

In the best case scenario, you’ve already prepared the overnight oats for breakfast in the evening. Then all you have to do in the morning is add fruit and your favorite topping: a wholesome and delicious breakfast is ready! With a lot of power, motivation and an active morning, you are guaranteed to have a good start to your everyday life!

Last pro tip: Put your favorite numove in your pocket for when you're out and about, so that the hunger pang (or the next hangry attack) a few hours later won't be a problem.

If you enjoyed the Yoga Flow and would like to come on the mat with me more often: I offer weekly online yoga classes via Zoom, in the evening and in the morning. Regardless of whether you have yoga experience or not - you are cordially invited to come along at any time. You can find all the information and the timetable on my website: . And on Instagram you get even more insights and thoughts from me on the topics of yoga, movement, recipes, empowerment and more. Let's connect!

Your Franzi / @franzi.wagner

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