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Chocolate Planting Trees? challenge accepted.

Our goal: 1 billion trees.

Our motto is: Future generations before short-term profits! Functioning ecosystems are a guarantee for the future in the fight against climate change. That's why we plant millions of trees every year with our partner Eden Projects.

Your enjoyment makes trees grow.

Dein Genuss lässt Bäume pflanzen.

We donate a total of 3% of our sales to the Eden Reforestation Project. The support is transferred monthly.

nucao icon Samenpflanzen auf schokoriegel.

Villagers from the region collect the tree seeds in nearby residual forests and raise seedlings in tree nurseries.

nucao icon Pflanze wächst aus Schokoriegel.

These are planted in the reforestation areas and their growth is ensured with the help of photo surveillance, drone mapping and forest inventory.

After about 5 years, natural regeneration begins - ie the young trees begin their own reproduction - and a new, healthy ecosystem is created.

We rely on green game changers.

For decades, forests have been destroyed by settlement, agriculture, illegal logging and resource extraction. They are among the most important CO₂ stores, are home to enormous biodiversity and are the basis of our existence. Afforestation is therefore one of the most efficient ways to contribute to climate protection.

More than just a carbon store.

With our reforestation projects, we can not only restore destroyed ecosystems and help bind carbon globally, but also support the local population. Trees protect against erosion, secure fish stocks and keep the soil fertile.

Our growth model

Together with you we already have:


trees planted


Local workdays created

Where, how, what?

Our reforestation areas are located in Madagascar and Nepal. No matter where: Monoculture forests are taboo for us. You can find out more about the individual locations here.

They talk about money. They talk about money. They talk about money.

Currently 3% of our annual turnover goes into the project. That may not sound like much, but it has a big effect: In addition to reforestation, fair wages and working conditions are also created for local employees.

70% des Spendenvolumens.

70% goes into tree planting and local employment - including fair and stable wages, pension structures and medical services.

20% des Spendenvolumens.

20% of the donations are used for administrative fees and overhead costs.

10% des Spendenvolumens

10% goes into a foundation fund and employed forest wardens for the long-term protection of the forests.

Why mangroves?

The area of ​​mangrove forests is shrinking by 2% every year - a quarter has already disappeared. This not only threatens the living space for humans and animals, but also releases the stored climate-damaging gases during deforestation.

icon überlebenskünstler mangrove

Mangroves grow both in salty water and under the scorching sun. Their branched roots are habitat for diverse land and sea organisms.

icon erosionsschutz durch mangroven
protection against erosion

Mangrove forests protect land and residents from erosion and tidal waves. Along with the tropical rainforest and coral reefs, they are the most productive ecosystems on earth.

icon CO2 Speicher Mangroven
Natural CO2 storage

Incidentally, mangroves are incredibly efficient at storing CO2. Over a lifespan of 25 years, a mangrove binds a total of 308.3 kg of CO2!

Sowing is good, control is better

These methods ensure the growth and survival of the trees:

🌱 Mapping and site boundary verification by local teams using handheld GPS devices

🌱 Photo surveillance with geotags and documentation of growth at planting sites

🌱 Drone mapping for aerial photos of reforestation areas, as well as monitoring growth and forest lines

🌱 Regular forest inventory to record the number of trees planted and measure their survival rate

Why Eden is such a brilliant partner

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit NGO that rebuilds devastated natural landscapes in South America, Africa and Asia.

Now operating in nine countries, they not only plant almost a million trees a day, but also provide local people with stable jobs and an income of their own by building relationships with the local communities.

As the latest project, five hectares of land have been made available in Madagascar as a retreat and rehabilitation center for endangered species such as lemurs, crocodiles, turtles and chameleons.

Germany is also suffering.

Germany is one of the regions in Europe most severely affected by climate change. Our forests are drying up and falling victim to pests. That is why we regularly support the Bergwaldprojekt eV association with donations or work assignments on site in Eibenstock.

Bergwaldprojekt eV is committed to the protection of mountain forests and cultural landscapes and promotes the connection between nature and people.

Tip: a joint reforestation day is also an excellent team event!

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