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Klimaprotest Schild Respect your mother

Climate-friendly chocolate - why products must also be good for your children. And your children's children of your children.

Did you know that some foods are real climate killers? Unfortunately, chocolate also emits countless greenhouse gases. Nevertheless, we will never give up our desire for climate-neutral products, because where there is a will, there is a way. hand on...
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Mitarbeitende von Eden Reforestation Projects mit Setzlingen zur Aufforstung

Sustainable chocolate bars - how nucao ensures fair conditions and a greener world

Cocoa – it's a dirty business. Even before the multitude of destroyed ecosystems and all those working at subsistence level, one cannot close one's eyes. How is our nucao chocolate bar supposed to change that? Hear us out:
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nucao bekommt neue Rezeptur – Impact wiegt mehr als Zucker

Impact weighs more than sugar - nucao changes

Even though many love our mission and chocolate, opinions differ when it comes to the nucao taste. Can sugar solve this problem? Find out how we are doing...
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Hand hält brennenden Planeten – Überschrift: Rekordhitze in Deutschland

Record heat 2021: climate change alarms scientists

☀️🌊 Heat waves, floods, calm winds - 2021 had more extreme weather than ever. Experts look for causes:
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Titelbild: Was sind negative Emissionen?

CO2 reduction: what are negative emissions?

Reducing emissions is not enough to stop the climate crisis. CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere - but how does it work? Can carbon dioxide be “pulled out of the air”?
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Earth Day – am 22.04. ist Tag der Erde

Earth Day - cheers to our planet

On April 22nd we fill the champagne glasses for someone very special: our planet. In over 150 countries, global Earth Day is finally giving our planet the attention it deserves. Enlighten and get inspiration for a better world? Exactly our thing!
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Klimaneutral – was ist das?

Why we are saying goodbye to climate neutrality

"Climate neutral", "climate positive", "CO2 negative" - ​​the terms are omnipresent. We clarify the meaning of these vague terms and take a stand against greenwashing.
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nachhaltig Ostern feiern mit the nu company

Sustainable Easter - with @utas_glueck

Decorate, bake and enjoy sustainably: @utas_glueck gives personal insights into how she celebrates Easter with her family. 🐰🐣
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Traditionen und Bräuche an Ostern sind oft nicht nachhaltig

Easter traditions - often not the yellow of the egg

Easter is coming. Paint a few more eggs, buy the Easter lamb and take chocolate consumption to the next level? Many of us cling to traditions without questioning them. Some of them have an unsightly impact on our climate.
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So läuft der Bunny

Celebrate Easter sustainably: This is how the bunny runs in 2022

Our nucao chocolate bunny is celebrating its long-awaited comeback! Vegan, organic, fair, packaged without plastic and without industrial sugar, nucao Bunny saves Easter.
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Das Ökosystem Moor ist wichtig für unser Klima

Gimme, gimme MOOR - that's how important moors are for the climate

Did you know that moors protect our climate? But what actually is a bog and why is it so important for people, animals and the environment? We tell you 👉🏻
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plastikfreie Verpackung bei the nu company

Bye plastic: Our sustainable cellulose packaging

We live in a throwaway society. Plastic waste and microplastic pollution are ubiquitous. We say no to plastic! And rely on a packaging film made of cellulose.
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Partner Eden Reforestation Project

Afforestation - with every product into a greener world

10.4 million hectares of tropical forests disappear every year - the most species-rich ecosystem on earth is extensively destroyed. Our partner Eden Reforestation Project counteracts this development.
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Composting: what it can do and how it works

Composting has many benefits, but it must be done correctly. Here you can find out how to create a compost and why it doesn't smell at all.
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Klimaschutz durch Aufforstung

Planting trees as a marketing strategy? The biggest allegations:

You buy snacks, we plant trees for it. Simple but effective. But is it really about environmental protection, or is it all just a “PR scam?” Critics even speak of greenwashing. We face the most criticized points:
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CO2 sparen im Alltag

5 tips on what you can do to combat climate change

Climate change is progressing; the planet keeps heating up. In the last 150 years alone, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 40%. Here you can find out how each of us can save CO2 in everyday life without much effort:
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Weihnachtsteller Schokolade

Christmas Vol. 2021: Sugar consumption increases in proportion to packaging waste. Time for new traditions!

The days are getting shorter, the smell of fresh cookies fills our nostrils and the family is already asking if the wish list has already been written. Everyone loves Christmas - so do we - but not at the expense...
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Wunderkerzen Silvester

Resolutions are so 2021 - 4 reasons why we don't just talk, we do!

The year 2021 is coming to an end, 2022 is just around the corner. And what about your New Year's resolutions? Doing more sport, eating healthier, living more frugally and finally spending more time with friends are not for nothing...
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Feuerwerk Silvester Jahreswechsel

Fireworks ban in 2021 - the environment sees it positively

Most people like to celebrate the turn of the year loudly – ​​with fireworks, firecrackers and lots of bang. As in the previous year, the Federal Council put a spanner in the works: a ban on the sale of New...
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Wüste austrocknung klimakrise

Global Warming: It's getting hot in here

Climate researchers warn of the consequences of global warming. But how dangerous is the climate crisis really and what are the causes?
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Kakaobohnen Ernte natürlich

Chocolate should make children shine. Not to work.

Chocolate from children for children? Only about 8% of cocoa worldwide comes from fair trade. contents No more bitter aftertaste of fair trade cocoa in nucao and numove fair trade cocoa for Bunny and Snowy According to the Food and...
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Frühstück Teller mit nucao Schokoriegeln

If you only understand Spanish when it comes to the ingredients, something is wrong.

Ingredient chaos? Studies confirm: Consumers want more transparency and clarity in the product information on food packaging! Whether disinterested or detail-oriented, most consumers find the information on food too difficult or confusing. The desire for organic food is increasing, even...
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Plakat Forderung Reinheitsgebot Schokolade

The food industry needs new rules. That's why we demand the purity law for chocolate bars.

Exploitation of people and planet? Cryptic ingredient lists? More sugar than cocoa in chocolate? Not with us! We do our best and demand the chocolate bar purity law. contents Recap - what happened in 2020 Status quo: Why we urgently...
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Morgenroutine Yoga Franzi Wagner

My morning routine: how to start the day with yoga and a healthy breakfast

contents The advantages of exercise in the morning My tips for more motivation in the morning Finding balance with yoga But what happens after Good Morning Yoga? Vegan recipes for a balanced breakfast A guest contribution by yoga coach Franzi...
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Zerknitterte Alufolie Silber

Holy chocolate! The big aluminum foil misconception

Whether Easter or Christmas - hollow chocolate figures should not be missing. Sweet bunnies or bearded chocolate men - the main thing is that they taste good and make the children happy. Ingredients and packaging often take a backseat. Sustainable is different...
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Einkaufszentrum Konsum Weihnachten

Black Friday – favors shopping and the climate crisis

Black Friday: Every year it takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The next Monday is Cyber ​​Monday. The motto: discount battles and shopping madness. Hardly anyone thinks about the effects on our environment...
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Plastikmüll Meer Umweltproblem

What is eaten in five minutes does not need packaging that lasts 200 years.

The ability to preserve food for many months using modern packaging is a major step forward in the food industry. But does this durability really have to pay the high price of environmental compatibility? After all, the packaging is not...
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Kuh Tierquälerei

Dear dairy industry, you don't sell other mothers' milk.

Almost 1.2 million people in Germany now live vegan. Almost 7 million follow a vegetarian diet. Ascending trend! And that's good for our health at best, but mostly good for our planet. ⁠ For a long time, milk was touted...
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Kind in Nepal

Afforestation – our locations

Afforestation for a greener planet 🌳. We introduce you to our location.
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Umweltverschmutzung durch Plastikmüll

The problem of plastic waste: what happens to our waste?

Germany celebrates itself as the recycling world champion. We separate every type of waste: residual waste, paper waste, yellow bags and organic waste. We detach the paper from the yoghurt cup and throw it in the respective rubbish bin. Large...
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Christian Fenner Startup produziert vegane Schokoriegel

From a large corporation to a start-up: Christian's question about the purpose

A lot had to happen before I became a co-founder of a start-up. I had reached the low point of my career as an industrial engineer, which admittedly hadn't even really started yet. On Sunday I was afraid of Monday,...
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Bäume pflanzen und Farmer unterstützen

Afforestation - why we plant trees of all things

We are facing what may be the greatest crisis facing humanity. The climate change we are massively promoting threatens our livelihood: the planet we live on. What can be done to reverse these developments? Our answer is: plant trees!
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Tiere leiden unter Umweltverschmutzung und Plastikmüll

How the plastic waste in the sea destroys an entire ecosystem

Ecosystem in need ! It is nothing new for most people: more than ten million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. But how does this incredible amount of plastic actually get there and what exactly...
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Aufforstung im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel

Swiss study proves: afforestation is a solution

Since 2018 we have been actively doing something against climate change through reforestation - with every product. And with you. Scientists at ETH Zurich have now proven that reforestation does not just play a nice supporting role in the fight...
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Plastikfrei einkaufen

Avoid plastic – 14 tips for you

Sure, if you and I go plastic-free, all junk won't disappear from this world immediately. There are still poor recycling systems, too little education about plastic waste in developing countries, illegal landfills and overall too much plastic in the system....
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Gründer Thomas Stoffels

Superfoods instead of super content - why Thomas founded a food start-up

Instead of working as an industrial engineer for electrical engineering at RWE or E.on, I founded a food start-up with friends. How it came about and why food of all things I'll tell you in this article. The course of...
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Junger Unternehmer Gründer Start-Up

the nu company founder Mathias Tholey – from studying engineering to founding a company

After Christian and Thomas (co-founders of the nu company) have already told their start-up story, I, Mathias Tholey, am very happy to share my little story with you - my way to the nu company. The beginning of the beginning...
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Mangroven binden CO2

Mangroves - an ecosystem in the fight against climate change

Mangroves against the climate crisis! They are real masters of life, grow in salty water and under the scorching sun, protect coasts from erosion, provide a diverse habitat for animals and humans and are incredibly efficient at storing CO2. Learn more about mangrove trees.
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Aufforsten und Arbeitsplätze schaffen

Afforestation: of Women Empowerment, Tanner Acacia & Indian Rosewood

After a long cooperation with our partner Eden Projects, we are expanding the reforestation area. Instead of only planting in Madagascar, we now also have a project in Nepal. Find out more now:
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Klimaprotest Schild Fridays for Future

Climate activism - together in the fight against the climate crisis

In a world that is becoming increasingly global and anonymous, we quickly get the impression that as individuals we have no influence on the current issues of our time. However, this is not correct! Because there are plenty of ways...
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Politkampagne Politiker Regierung Hashtag siewerdenfragen

Intergenerational justice - the greatest challenge of climate policy

We have heard it many times now, the term “climate choice”. Climate activist Luisa Neubauer says the next 5 years are the period in which we have the last chance to still comply with the 1.5℃ limit. The system change in all areas is at the top of the agenda!
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