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Entdecke das neue nucao. bio. vegan. fair.

The good choc.

The good choc.

Grab the nucao sample box

Doing the right thing has never been so delicious.

Chocolate bars, chocolate bars, chocolate balls, chocolate coated snacks. With the nucao sample box, we have put together a delicious selection for you. Snack through and then order your favorite again very quickly.

yummy. creamy. Well. yummy. creamy. Well. yummy. creamy. Well.
yummy. creamy. Well.

Bite into the future.

We are the chocolate start-up nucao from Leipzig and want to change the chocolate market sustainably. With irresistibly delicious and sustainable chocolate, we want to reach as many people as possible and ensure a greener world - all without child labor, exploitation and deforestation of the rainforest. That's why all our products are packaged organic, fair, vegan and environmentally friendly - either in cellulose film that can be composted at home or in recyclable paper packaging.
However, because we still take more from our planet than we give back, we have launched the One Billion Tree Project, in which we support reforestation projects worldwide with 3% of our sales.

Is that supposed to be vegan?

nucao chocolate is free from animal ingredients and still tastes so creamy and delicate. You get a lot mhh without muhh. With our new variety of products, there is something for every snack moment: the bars for on the go, our bars to share, the fruits & nuts for in between and our planets to give away.

Snack to the future.

We want to be an engine of change and your purchase is our (green) fuel as 3% goes to our reforestation partner Eden Reforestation. With our reforestation projects, we can not only restore destroyed ecosystems and help bind carbon globally, but also support the local population.

The good choc.

The beeping when you buy our products? This is the sound of a better world. Delicious, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate without a guilty conscience - free from animal products, artificial flavors, additives and preservatives