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Box of 3 numove shake - Berry Blend

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Our fitness shake with an improved recipe provides you with active everyday life and around's training. It gives your body exactly what it needs: more than protein. In addition to vegetable protein, it is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and all the essential amino acids. We have avoided artificial flavors and sweeteners, as well as refined sugar.

Content: 3 x 200g

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Box of 3 numove shake - Berry Blend

Taking care of your body is now also possible naturally and sustainably: with numove Shake Berry Blend. The fitness shake provides you with more than vegetable protein and is enriched with superfoods, fiber, vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids. Freeze-dried currants and strawberries made from 100% fruit not only provide natural sweetness and summer feeling, but also a boost in vitamin C - without any flavors or sweeteners. Enjoy the berry freshness kick before sport, after training or even for breakfast: pure in water or plant-based milk, in a smoothie, porridge or in various baking creations. Treat yourself to your daily dose of plant power.

Zutaten von nucao Schokoriegel sind Hanfsamen Kakaobohnen und Haselnüsse
Zutaten von nucao Schokoriegel sind Hanfsamen Kakaobohnen und Haselnüsse

100% organic & vegan.

100% organic & vegan.

Zutaten und Nährwerte

Box of 3 numove shake - Berry Blend

Organic protein powder with strawberry and currant powder


OAT FLOUR*, sunflower protein*, pea protein*, strawberry powder* (9%), currant powder* (7%), coconut blossom sugar*, guar gum*, lucuma powder* (2.5%), whole lemon fruit powder*, apple fiber*, linseed flour*, acerola powder* ( 0.5%).

May contain traces of egg, nuts, soy, milk protein, celery & mustard. Allergens are capitalized. The nutritional values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products. * controlled organic cultivation ** 1 serving = 40 g in 300 ml of water. Packaging contains powder for 5 servings. *** the daily reference dose **** the daily reference dose for an adult (70kg body weight; WHO/FAO) Covers 1/4 of the daily amino acid requirement. DE-ÖKO-021


Nährstoffe pro 100g 40g / Portion**
Brennwert 1493kJ / 354kcal 597kJ / 141kcal
Fett 6,3g 2,5g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0,9g 0,4g
Kohlenhydrate 40g 16g
davon Zucker 14g 5,6g
Ballaststoffe 14g 5,5g
Eiweiß 26g 11g
Salz 0,20g 0,08g
Vitamin C 175mg (219%***) 70mg (88%***)
Magnesium 223mg (59%***) 89mg (24%***)
Eisen 6mg (40%***) 2,3mg (16%***)
Isoleucine 1048mg (75%****) 419mg (30%****)
Leucine 1673mg (61%****) 669mg (25%****)
Lysine 1122mg (53%****) 449mg (21%****)
Methionine 334mg (48%****) 134mg (19%****)
Phenylalanine 988mg (56%****) 395mg (23%****)
Threonine 813mg (77%****) 325mg (31%****)
Tryptophan 239mg (86%****) 96mg (34%****)
Valine 1251mg (69%****) 500mg (27%****)
Pleasant fruity taste How happy I am, now I finally have a good protein skake, without soy !! I'm very happy to stay there 🤗
Cornelia Reuter
Extremely creamy and delicious! I am totally enthusiastic about the protein powder, I always use it in my morning porridge!!! Highly recommended :)
favorite shake! Berry Blend is a must for breakfast in the morning, this shake is simply incredibly delicious *_* And thanks to the new recipe, I'm now also supplied with important nutrients. It couldn't be better, thank you for this wonderful product!
Nu-Groupie forever =) You convinced me. Once again. I'm already enthusiastic about your selected ingredients. The revised shakes definitely meet my preferences, as they are not so artificially dominant in taste and have turned out to be really good all-rounders in my kitchen, especially vanilla (absolute favourite). Especially for an intestinal-friendly diet and super compatible with sensitive digestion!
Top! I found it tasty beforehand and, above all, very digestible. I think the new version is even better. I've tasted vanilla and will attack chocolate next.

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