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Time for uncompromisingly good food. For you. For the planet.
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The natural brainfood bar.

The natural brainfood snack with hemp seeds and nutmeg. Only available here in the shop.

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# world novelty

the white choc innovation.

nucao white is here - and a real innovation: melt-in-the-mouth enjoyment, 65% less sugar - and completely milk-free. So forbidden good that we can't even call it chocolate.

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natural strength.

nupro provides you with proteins, fibres and minerals when your body needs them after exercise. Purely vegetable and guaranteed without additives, sweeteners and flavours.

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What we have achieved together so far

2,617,310 Trees
Planted in Madagascar
26,173 Working days
Created for the local people
32,192t CO2/year
Bound from the air
We won't stop when you're full

Our mission

We believe in consumption that helps to make the world a better place. And in food that provides you with the best possible care and enables you to live the life you want.

Compostable packaging

Plastic free

What packaging is made of has long since become a question of fate for our oceans. We are fighting for a plastic-free world and only pack in cardboard and compostable cellulose film.

Wallet with plants (?!)

1 product = 1 tree

We want every beep at the cash register to be a signal for a better world. That's why we plant a tree with every verkauſten product. And each tree binds about 300kg CO2 from the atmosphere.

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