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Numove Proteinriegel auf Holztisch

The protein duel: numove vs. conventional protein bars

What is delicious, all natural and provides the muscles with protein? That's right, there's nothing coming for a long time. We asked ourselves when the free weight area would finally become a free-of-chemicals area and we knew it was time to act. #fightthefake and raise the curtain for what is probably the most natural protein bar on the market: numove! Find out here what distinguishes it and how it differs from conventional protein bars:

Sliced ​​numove protein bar on wooden board
numove protein bar brownie crunch

Why do we even need protein bars?

The real goal of high protein bars is to provide the body with protein before, during or after training. Like fats and carbohydrates, proteins are among the energy-supplying macronutrients and are indispensable for the body's functions - even without a sports program. Among other things, they are responsible for cell and muscle building processes, but they also support blood clotting, the immune system and metabolism. Instead of eating a large, protein-rich meal or mixing a protein shake, this variant is particularly simple: open the bar packaging, bite into it, cover the protein requirement - at least that's the theory. Many consumers believe that they are doing something good for their body and snacking healthily. Of course, protein is very important to us, but let's take a close look at conventional protein bars. It quickly becomes clear that “healthy” is hardly a suitable attribute.

The Protein Bar Reality: Synthetic Additives & Cryptic Ingredient Lists

Looking at the list of ingredients in conventional protein bars makes you dizzy: cryptic ingredients that are unpronounceable, incomprehensible and, above all, unnecessary. Do we really want to eat a snack packed with glycerin, polydextrose, sweeteners and flavors? Our answer is clearly no, which is why it was particularly important to us when developing numove to create a natural and delicious alternative that does not require flavorings or sweeteners and still provides the body with plenty of protein.

numove protein bar Cookie Dough

Whey as the main ingredient in protein bars? Way too much!

Not only sweeteners are the problem of conventional protein bars, but also their main ingredient: whey protein - animal protein. Whether concentrate, isolate or hydrolyzate, it all starts with the milk. The casein it contains is separated from the whey during production: Whey is nothing more than the English term for whey.

Whey concentrate is the easiest and cheapest way to get as much protein as possible in a small bar. Most manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality and the effects on our environment . Food production is responsible for a large part of greenhouse gas emissions, with the meat and dairy industries leading the way. Compared to plant-based alternatives, the dairy industry leaves the worst ecological footprint. On average, 1050 liters of water are used to produce one liter of cow's milk. In the case of soy drink production, for example, it is only 297 liters. In addition, the production of milk requires twice as much land and causes twice as many greenhouse gas emissions.

numove protein bar - the vegan game changer

Our numove protein bar is revolutionizing the protein market. Instead of sweeteners and cryptic ingredients, mixed with the CO2 spinner whey protein, it convinces with a few, purely natural ingredients and our promise: 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% delicious!⁠

We wanted to defy the traditional, artificial protein bars that rely on a long list of ingredients that is difficult to understand without extensive research. ⁠

numove protein bars, cut out on top of each other
numove protein bars in 2 delicious flavors​​

As natural protein sources, we use organic pumpkin seed protein, organic almond butter and organic hemp seeds that are carefully processed in Germany, which also provide you with healthy fats directly. In addition, our protein bar provides you with plenty of fiber as well as vitamin C and magnesium. The packaging also has more to offer: Instead of harming the environment more and more, we plant a tree for each bar sold and have packaged the protein-rich bar plastic-free (👉🏻 All about our packaging film).

numove protein bar - not a sacrifice, but an enrichment

Blogger and cookbook author Anina Gepp is also enthusiastic about the natural protein bar.

Rolling out my yoga mat in the morning with a constantly new view and exploring foreign places in my running shoes means pure freedom for me. The numove protein bar provides me with energy in all my activities. It has the perfect size and optimal nutrient distribution. I like to eat it just before exercising.

Blogger Anina Gepp and her bundle from the nu company

Anina loves great adventures. Keeping her feet still is not her thing at all. That's why she gave notice of the apartment 9 months ago and has been living with her partner in a campervan on four wheels ever since. More than 96,000 people are now traveling virtually on their @aniahimsa Instagram account. There she shares plant-based recipes, tips for a balanced diet and conscious consumption with her community. Here you can shop for their favorite products.

For me, the numove bar is the perfect proof that a balanced and healthy diet is not a sacrifice, but an enrichment. Exercise should and should be fun. That's why we can start with it at any time of the day, without a strict detox cure or fitness craze in January.

Available in two delicious varieties, Brownie Crunch and Cookie Dough, numove is the perfect workout snack that supports your regeneration and muscle building after exercise and in active everyday life. For that extra treat, we insisted on covering our protein duo with nucao couverture. Mmmmmm, delicious!

Made to make you stronger! Your protein bar doesn't get more natural and honest.

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