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numove shake vs. conventional protein shakes

Before or after training, to build muscle, to lose weight, to gain weight, as a meal replacement in the diet or just as breakfast with oatmeal - protein powders seem to be the solution for almost everything. What they don't solve, however, is the plastic problem, the climate crisis and health deficits. Here you can find out what all of this has to do with one another and why we rely on numove Shake 2.0 instead.

Protein requirements in active everyday life

On average , every person needs about 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you are active in sports, you need more. If the goal is muscle building, we even need twice as much protein as usual. Protein is not only food for our muscles, but also plays a key role in oxygen transport, hormone formation and cell repair.

Quote cow's milk is so 2021

They also benefit our immune system. We can consume protein in the form of protein-rich animal or vegetable foods. These include, for example, meat, fish, seeds, tofu, etc. This is particularly easy in the form of protein powder. However, when consuming them, many are not even aware of what they are doing to their bodies with conventional powders.

Terrifying ingredients in conventional protein powders

The main ingredient in most protein powders is whey , i.e. whey protein. This is extracted from cow's milk using special methods. Since most of us like it sweet, but want to avoid calories at best, manufacturers like to use sweeteners . Acesulfame K, sucralose and sodium cyclamate are not only unpronounceable, they are also pure chemistry. Flavors are also often used in conventional protein drinks. Instead of real fruit, synthetically produced substances are used in the recipe. There are other additives in the list of ingredients: emulsifiers ensure better solubility, thickeners ensure a better mouthfeel, release agents prevent clumping and colorants ensure a more attractive appearance. In order for the whole thing to last longer, acidifiers must not be missing. Let's take a look at how this affects our health:

Are protein shakes unhealthy? The consequences for the body:

Various studies have raised the suspicion that milk has a bad effect on the complexion, can calcify the arteries and promote diabetes and obesity. In addition, the rainforest suffers from food procurement and Co.

Artificial ingredients upset our taste buds and put unnecessary strain on our bodies because they can be difficult to metabolize and can even trigger allergic reactions. Did you know that many flavors are chemically grown from molds? Sounds more harmful than appetizing, right? The additives mentioned above also put a strain on the body, as they are broken down by the liver and cannot be metabolized normally. Many sweeteners are also not well tolerated by many and cause intestinal problems.

You have the choice: numove or whey protein

Cover protein requirements: vegan and natural

Why use whey when protein can also be obtained from plants? 🌱 Why use flavorings and sweeteners when real fruits, spices and coconut blossom sugar are a great alternative - without any chemicals. And why make a powder that only provides protein when you can make it so much more valuable for the body. It's high time you got to know our new numove Shake recipe. It provides you with more than protein and scores with a balanced nutritional profile. It is now even creamier, even better soluble in water or plant-based milk and we have also optimized the taste. In addition, our recipe provides you with high-quality carbohydrates, even more superfoods, lots of fiber , vitamins and on top all the essential amino acids .

Wooden table with numove fitness shake

A balanced recipe in 3 varieties

We have developed three varieties with different flavors for chocolate fans, vanilla lovers and real fruit lovers. Vanilla is the classic that we like to use in porridge or banana bread, for example, cocoa cinnamon has a spicy note and refines baked creations , yoghurt alternatives and muesli , while Berry Blend provides a fruity freshness kick in smoothies, smoothie bowls and desserts. Whether after yoga, before jogging or during sweaty strength training - numove 2.0 is your companion for every day, when and how often you want. In the practical shaker , you can also take your fitness drink with you in a relaxed manner when you need something quick. All ingredients are organic, vegan and completely free of sweeteners, flavors and other synthetic additives.

Because we are of the opinion that our body does not need any animal products , we not only love our vegan numove protein bar and our optimized fitness drink, but also have vegan meals cooked for us every day in the office. Nobody misses animal protein with us.

In this context, we, together with many other companies, support the Veganuary, a campaign that inspires people worldwide to eat vegan in January - and beyond. One million participants were able to save 103,840 tons of CO2 equivalents and save 3.4 million animal lives in 31 days. Will you also be part of the Veganuary this year?

You are definitely off to a good start with this :

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