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Klimaprotest Schild Fridays for Future

Climate activism - together in the fight against the climate crisis

In a world that is becoming increasingly global and anonymous, we quickly get the impression that as individuals we have no influence on the current issues of our time. However, this is not correct! Because there are plenty of ways each of us can make the world a better place and make a difference. We'll show you what you can contribute to the climate crisis.

We can all reduce our ecological footprint in everyday life with small decisions. In addition to these small changes, which are great, we can create structural changes primarily through collective and political action. Germanwatch eV also calls this active participation the "sustainable handprint".

How can I become active?

There are many ways to get involved. You can:

  • Support organisations/initiatives with an active membership or donation
  • Visit demonstrations or organize them yourself
  • Support or initiate social media campaigns
  • Create an action/organization yourself
  • Set up an AG in your school/university
  • Invite activists to your school/uni/work
Reasons for commitment and environmental protection

It is also important to be clear about the positions of political parties, as you already have an influence on the achievement of climate protection goals by casting your vote.

Through our joint commitment, we can make it possible for the old economy and our government, which act too lazily when it comes to climate and sustainability and lose valuable time, to light a fire under their butt and send a clear signal for more climate protection!

Hand holding demo poster with the inscription "The time to act is now!"

Find initiatives near you:

As a company, you can also make your contribution to climate protection: Our products are vegan, organic and climate-friendly. Not only do we try to keep emissions along the production chain as low as possible, we also invest in reforestation. With every product you buy, we support our partner Eden Reforestation Projects with an amount of money. This is used to plant trees and provides local people with job opportunities, education and a regular income.

Learn more about our 1 product 1 tree principle in our Impact Report .