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Wüste austrocknung klimakrise

Global Warming: It's getting hot in here

Christmas under the palm trees no longer seems so unlikely. If we continue as before, we probably won't even have to travel to the south any more soon... However, global warming does not automatically mean that it is warm all year round. Instead, the consequences are forest fires, extreme weather such as storms, enormous cold or heat waves and heavy rain and the associated high water and flooding. Climate change is more relevant than ever, the future no longer seems quite so rosy. Time for something to change.

Facts: Since when has the planet been heating up so rapidly?

According to studies, climate change - and with it its devastating consequences for our planet - began around 180 years ago, fueled by the industrial revolution.

The sad statistic: While we were between 0.3 and 0.6 degrees Celsius in the first status report on global warming in 1990, today we are already at 1.1 degrees Celsius. Ascending trend. ⁠The forecast of the World Climate Report 2021 even assumes global warming of 1.5 degrees by 2030 - ten years earlier than forecast in 2018.

Lettering Question Let's really hope for snow while we keep heating up the planet

Severe heat waves, which previously only occurred twice a century, could then occur every decade. Also, by 2050, the Arctic Ocean is likely to be mostly ice-free. Who can turn a blind eye to such catastrophes?

Cause of global warming: is it man's fault?

The age of the earth is estimated to be about 4.543 × 10^9 years. Climate change, on the other hand, only seems to have existed since there were people on it. So are the reasons solely ours? It is no longer just the melting of the glaciers, but above all the dwindling ice sheets at the poles that are largely responsible for climate change and its devastating consequences.

Graphic melting glacier

The IPCC Climate Report 2021 clearly makes humans responsible for the warming of the atmosphere, ocean and land surfaces - the extent of the changes in our climate system is unprecedented. Economic growth and consumerism make humans the primary driver behind the global retreat of glaciers and Arctic ice. We are in a drastic downward spiral, which is also causing sea levels to rise. If we do not comply with the 1.5 degree Celsius limit recommended by the Paris Climate Agreement, this could rise by around two to three meters over the next 2000 years.

Even if the forecast may sound harmless, it has serious consequences for all of us: this increase cannot be reduced again in the long term, and even a few millimeters can endanger the livelihoods of many people and animals. In Germany alone, around 3.2 million people live in the risk zone.⁠

Your turn: Can we stop climate change?

You may have asked yourself: What can I do? ⁠One thing is certain: More coastal protection and climate protection are urgently needed! But while coastal protection often only curbs the effects of global warming, climate protection can even prevent some scenarios. We think: When it comes to climate protection, everyone can take responsibility and implement measures directly. Not next year, not next week, but today. It's the small steps that add up to make a big difference. A good – and also really tasty – start can be a climate-friendly snack, for example: Each of our products supports reforestation in a way that is sustainable and tasty at the same time. We mainly rely on mangroves, because they are true survivors. They offer a diverse habitat for animals and people and, incidentally, are also incredibly efficient at storing CO2: a total of 308 kg⁠ in their lifetime. We want to give something back to the planet, protect it instead of further exploiting it and finally set an example that everyone gets. Are you about to do something with us against global warming? Together we can make a difference, so feel free to share this post with family and friends. Let's do this together!

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