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nucao bekommt neue Rezeptur – Impact wiegt mehr als Zucker

Impact weighs more than sugar - nucao changes

Many love our mission. Many love our unique chocolate. When it comes to taste, however, opinions differ. "I think your mission is great, but unfortunately I just don't like nucao." – a sentence that we have heard far too often and ignored for far too long. In doing so, we have also kept many doors closed to us. Especially for those who simply like chocolate that is classically sweet and the sugar content plays a secondary role. We thought for a long time: can sugar solve the problem? Guys, we have something to tell you:

nucao - too bitter for connoisseurs?

Everyone is talking about our chocolate. But her Achilles' heel has always been the taste - even if all of today's nucao fans find that just as difficult to understand as we do. However, the result of our after-sales surveys showed that 80% of new customers did not buy our products a second time. Because they didn't like it.

For many years we said “Well. Bad luck. You'll have to get used to it!" But something in us resisted it more and more. Because the goal of our chocolate from the very beginning was to show people how easy it is to choose a better world. And that sustainability doesn't have to mean doing without - especially not doing without good taste!

Feedback on nucao - taste that doesn't suit everyone

Can sugar solve the problem?

Sooner or later, when it comes to flavor and chocolate, a certain protagonist that we have often and intensively attacked comes into play: sugar.

So maybe sugar can solve the problem described above? no

Sure, sugar is an important flavor carrier. But with our products, we prove every day that good taste doesn't always have to go hand in hand with tons of sugar.

Nevertheless, we have not been able to reach people who eat consciously and want to bring more sustainability into their lives, but still want to treat themselves to the occasional piece of sweet chocolate in the evening. And the people who still see chocolate as a sweet and luxury item and for whom the sugar content is of secondary importance.

So what to do?

nucao: beet sugar instead of coconut blossom sugar

We welcome new products and say goodbye to coconut blossom sugar

Delivering some messages is like peeling a band-aid off your skin. Quickly! So take a deep breath... here we go:

We will add products and varieties with more sugar to our portfolio. And we will switch from coconut blossom sugar to regional beet sugar.

Ouch. That hurt. But there is a reason.

We too asked ourselves many questions, discussed a lot and had many objections. In short: We have made it anything but easy for ourselves. In the end we decided that this would give us the chance to reach many more people with our sustainable chocolate. And that Impact weighs more than sugar. Yes, we are changing (a bit) so that we can evolve as a brand.

But don't worry, there will be something for everyone even after our update - we promise!

nucao variety variety

What does that mean for our products? Some nucao bars will change, some will stay. And: There will be new products with a sugar content of up to 39%. Some are already in the starting blocks and are just waiting to be tasted! Also low-sugar varieties - for everyone who wants to stay true to the tart taste.

Our #nurule no. 1 we remain true : the average sugar content of our portfolio is still more than 30% below that of conventional chocolate manufacturers. (19g - 39g/100g of sugar compared to over 50g/100g of standard milk chocolate). So we - and you too - still make a difference with every piece of chocolate!

Why beet sugar?

After much deliberation and research, we have to admit: When it comes to sustainability, local beet sugar is better than imported coconut blossom sugar. Critical voices have often been raised about our coconut blossom sugar, because its chemical composition does not differ from conventional sugar. Due to its unique, caramelly note and the low level of processing, we still preferred it so far.

But we have to admit that regional beet sugar is simply unbeatable when it comes to sustainability . Instead of continuing to import coconut blossom sugar from overseas, we can source our organic beet sugar from Germany, France or Switzerland. The shorter transport routes alone will save us hundreds of tons of CO2 in the future . In addition, the cultivation of sugar beet and the extraction of beet sugar is resource-efficient and low-emission at the same time: Sugar beet requires little cultivation area and uses less water than coconut blossom sugar.

Even if it is more processed, we have decided to put everything on one card (the sustainable one!) and gradually switch our products to beet sugar.

coconut blossom sugar

The DNA of our company is - and will remain - green

Our goal is to create a positive impact on our planet and to show that chocolate can also be fair , plastic-free, vegan, organic and climate-friendly . And we will continue to give everything for this!

Because impact and sustainability are the linchpin of our company philosophy.

We are sure that this was not the last challenge that we can overcome with such a strong community behind us. But we keep growing. Together.

We are looking forward to the new part of the company. We are really looking forward to new, exciting products, new recipes and, above all, more impact.

Will you continue to accompany us on our journey as a chocolate start-up that wants to make the world a better place?

the nu company "Our DNA is green"

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