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Frühstück Teller mit nucao Schokoriegeln

If you only understand Spanish when it comes to the ingredients, something is wrong.

Ingredient chaos? Studies confirm: Consumers want more transparency and clarity in the product information on food packaging! Whether disinterested or detail-oriented, most consumers find the information on food too difficult or confusing. The desire for organic food is increasing, even though it only accounts for 6.4 percent of total food sales in Germany.

Industry vs. consumers

Only nutrition-conscious people read packaging instructions on food? Not quite true. Especially when buying products for the first time, a total of 68 percent of consumers are very often interested in nutritional value tables, ingredients, etc. Unfortunately, the information about the product properties is understandable and comprehensible for only 14 percent of consumers. No wonder, then, that many are demanding change.

Around 43 percent of the entire German population is interested in more transparency when it comes to food content in all product groups – i.e. almost half! Almost 50 percent of these people attach particular importance to a better understanding of products of animal origin, such as meat, eggs, fish or dairy products. After all, none of us wants to buy a pig in a poke or in a candy bar wrapper, right?

The majority of consumers generally find the information on food very difficult to classify or simply too confusing. Above all, a clearer product presentation with more clarity about the amounts of ingredients and possible flavors is required.

Did you already know, that …

  • according to the current Fairtrade annual report, a sad 2.5 percent of the cocoa grown worldwide is certified organic? This means that the organic content of chocolate is only half that of coffee (5.2 percent).
  • Organic cocoa is mainly grown in the Dominican Republic and some other Latin American countries? In the two most important cocoa-growing countries, Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) and Ghana, which together produce around 70 percent of the world harvest, organic is very rare. What an imbalance...
Stack of nucao candy bars

What if everyone carried on as before?

The combination of climate change and unsustainable mass cultivation of food such as cocoa could mean that by 2050 at the latest, only about 10 percent of today's global cultivation areas will be usable. So what we need are strong supply chain laws that promote both sustainability and social justice! Although large companies want to support their cocoa farmers with certain programs to monitor child labor on their plantations themselves, development organizations believe that only a supply chain law and the associated prison sentences would help to finally end child labor and general exploitation.

Conventional chocolate cream spread sugar
Nucao Spread ingredients

We think it's time for food manufacturers to take responsibility themselves instead of passing it on to consumers. We want to offer both products and information that give each and every person a natural, healthy alternative for greater well-being and health - and not keep you shopping with cryptic ingredient lists. It could be so easy, that's why we want to lead by example: With us you will only find a handful of ingredients that are not only natural, but also good for you, the animals and above all our planet. So full perspective and full enjoyment!

We can understand and also fulfill the desire for more organic: All our products consist of 100% organic ingredients, are produced absolutely fairly, are guaranteed to be purely plant-based and also very nutritious. With an average of only 7 ingredients, every single nu product also has a very manageable ingredient list . In addition, our suppliers are also organically certified and contribute to the protection of natural resources such as soil, water and air. In addition, they do without pesticides and chemical-synthetic fertilizers as well as chemical additives. Our farmers' cooperative in Peru, for example, also has the CU Fair Choice label, which guarantees the exclusion of forced labor and safe working conditions.

It doesn't matter whether you choose nucao , numove , nucao spread or another of our products - in seconds you have recorded all the ingredients and can enjoy with a clear conscience. You don't have to be able to speak Spanish or any other foreign language, you just have to like fine delicacies with good content.

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