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Resolutions are so 2021 - 4 reasons why we don't just talk, we do!

The year 2021 is coming to an end, 2022 is just around the corner. And what about your New Year's resolutions? Doing more sport, eating healthier, living more frugally and finally spending more time with friends are not for nothing the top resolutions of our society. Motivation is quickly followed by frustration. Most of the time, more is promised than actually implemented. We're also fed up with unattainable New Year's goals and empty promises. That's why our motto is: Stop talking, start doing!

The most popular New Year's resolutions

What does it even mean to have resolutions? For many of us a new beginning and the opportunity to change our own lives positively. The top resolutions remain fairly unchanged over the years because they tend to affect many people. It is almost always about self-optimization:

  1. To do more sports
  2. Lose weight
  3. Spend more time with friends
  4. live more economically
  5. reduce stress
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Other intentions are: fall in love again, start a family, drink less alcohol and stop smoking. Well, do you find yourself again? All of these resolutions sound good at first glance, so why don't we think too highly of them?

1. Most resolutions fail anyway

The promises are great, the list of resolutions long. And what about implementation? Breaking good resolutions is human. The bitter truth: It is estimated that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February at the latest; the first give up after just a few weeks or even days.

It's hard to break habits that you've developed over the years. After failure, disappointment spreads and self-reproach grows louder. For fear of exactly this kind of failure, some people don't even plan to do anything at all - and consequently don't change anything.

Stop Talking Start Doing lettering

Studies have also found that the current life situation also has an enormous influence on the implementation of goals. More than 40% of those who do not plan to do anything are also satisfied with themselves. So do only dissatisfied people set New Year's goals?

2. Resolutions create stress, pressure and dissatisfaction

Now let's be honest: have you ever tried to change something just because others expect it of you? Or because you have a certain ideal image in your head? You are definitely not alone in this, because as already mentioned, almost all New Year's resolutions are linked to self-optimization. You want to be smarter, better, more lovable, more beautiful - and you may lose sight of yourself completely. So many still believe that they are not good enough and strive for unrealistic ideals, often fueled by misrepresentations on social networks such as Instagram. More likes, more admiration, more attention. Comparison is a form of social dependency and can even cause mental and physical illness. We already dealt with this topic in our last New Year's campaign under the motto "fight the fake" and provided tips on how scrolling through your feed makes you feel good .

What is good for others is not necessarily good for you. And an ever-growing list of empty promises does not lead to the desired change anyway. There isn't ONE ideal resolution for everyone. But it is precisely the misconception that this exists that causes incredible pressure, creates stress and ultimately makes you unhappy - because most of the time nothing is done.

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3. Goals are set unrealistic

The above comparisons with idealized personalities on social media can lead to goals being set that are unrealistic from the outset . It is not uncommon for dangerous trends and goals to result from the widespread obsession with optimization, such as the “thigh gap” (a continuous space between the inner thighs) or the “ab crack” (visible gap that stretches from the chest to the navel). The existence of these questionable ideals is above all dependent on the individual physique and therefore simply not achievable for many - no matter how much dieting and sport is done, no matter how much stress is taken on as a result. This is a prime example of unrealistic goals that are doomed to fail.

Goals are also set too high in other areas. Anyone who drives a car every day and now resolves never to use it again will – you guessed it – most likely not last long. A more realistic goal would be to use the train at least twice a week from now on and to gradually increase it. That motivates a lot more and lets you stay on the ball longer. The number of resolutions is also hard to keep track of: I want to exercise more, eat less sugar, get up at 5 a.m., donate monthly and do voluntary work.

Lettering keep it simple

Just looking at the list builds up stress. Is it really worth it? Keep it simple and take a deep breath! Why push everything into the new year instead of starting with small steps?

4. Quite different problems usually hide behind resolutions

Good intentions like dieting and joining the gym are doomed to fail if they're the only actions you can take to bring about the change you hope for. Rather, it requires motivation, resilience and above all: a strong mindset. It's not the Pilates course or the BVG annual ticket that will change you, but your personal attitude towards things and yourself. The painful truth is that every change brings with it a certain emotional friction: stress - the fuel of failure.

Instead of always planning to do more, it is much more important to adapt your own mindset and not to want too much at once. Unfortunately, the muscle to love yourself is not innate, it has to be trained. Reflect on your thoughts, actions and intentions and you will quickly realize where the real sticking point is. It's not your body or your environment, but your own attitude.

Lettering It's a marathon not a sprint

Realize that change (inside and out) is a marathon, not a sprint. In addition, resolutions can not only serve you, but also be good for the environment and have an impact on the outside world.

The solution: Change with care instead of failure with a start

Just because we are against unrealistic resolutions doesn't mean we are against change. But to change something, you don't have to wait for the next month or the new year. As soon as you have found a goal that suits you, you can start implementing it straight away. It doesn't need a set start date because the right time is now .

Our tips for a happy New Year look like this:

  • Start today: Instead of starting a new project with a deadline, let's start with small things today. This can be as simple as doing the paperwork before turning on the TV; integrating a piece of fruit and vegetables every day or shopping regionally and plastic-free at the weekly market once a week. Establishing routines is the key here.
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  • Step by Step: Start with small steps, your goal does not have to turn your entire everyday life upside down. See how you can easily fit it into your daily routine and build on your progress. Even small changes (e.g. only eat meat once a week) can make a huge difference.
  • Stay positive: With two steps forward and one step back you can still move forward! Don't blame yourself if you don't manage to stick to your new routine one day. The important thing is that you stick with it for the long haul. It's best to set a reminder on your cell phone for the next day so that you don't lose sight of your goal.

Remember, resolutions don't have to be just about yourself. Think about what small changes you can make to do something good for your environment and go for it.

How about this year with goals like: "Improve the world, fight the climate crisis and enjoy consciously"? With our products you put exactly that into practice, according to the motto: Stop talking, start doing.

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