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Weihnachtsteller Schokolade

Christmas Vol. 2021: Sugar consumption increases in proportion to packaging waste. Time for new traditions!

The days are getting shorter, the smell of fresh cookies fills our nostrils and the family is already asking if the wish list has already been written. Everyone loves Christmas - so do we - but not at the expense of health and the environment! Time for #nutraditions!

It's getting colder outside. Glittering snow wraps the world in a silent robe. Quickly put a few nuts and self-knitted socks in the boots, put up the Christmas decorations and the contemplative time of the year can begin. But wait a minute! It is relatively warm for the time of year. In most years, snow is just a myth of days long gone. Knit yourself? Prefer to order online. Colorful lights, resounding Christmas carols on a continuous loop and crowds with shopping bags quickly become more disturbing than contemplative. Even baking cookies will become superfluous when the well-known sugar bombs have been taking over the supermarkets since late summer.

The traditional values ​​and the actual meaning of the Christmas season seem long forgotten. Released from stress and hectic, from blind consumption, sweets en masse, cut down trees and plastic waste without end.

Christmas doesn't have to be a festival of compromises

We think there is a better way. Our motto? Back to the roots with new traditions. Our mission? Creating Christmas products that make eyes light up and the planet breathe easier. In short: Christmas treats without compromise!

As an absolute pioneer in this field, one is taking the hearts of the masses by storm: our Snowy. The cute penguin knows about the problems of the world and has a great mission: to establish new traditions that are reminiscent of old values. On his journey across the globe, he asks himself questions that are also increasingly preoccupying our generation.

Snowy Vegan Christmas Chocolate

In order to make the Christmas spirit perfect, we have not only replaced the old, white chocolate Santa Claus. nucao also shines in the limited Winter Spice variety. Attention gingerbread fans - because here grandma's gingerbread recipe meets nutty macadamia flavor. Plastic-free packaging, of course.

And what would the Christmas season be without the anticipation of Christmas Eve? For everyone for whom anticipation is one of the greatest joys, we have a wonderfully packed adventure calendar with 24 lasting surprises ready. Of course under the strict conditions of our #nutraditions: vegan, without sweeteners and flavors, plastic-free packaging. In this way, the countdown to the festival also brings joy to our planet.

It quickly becomes clear why anything has to change at all when we take a look at the facts that have so far been swept under the table.

Advent calendar carelendar nucao snowy

When we say a white Christmas, don't we mean snow, but sugar?

Hand on heart: who doesn't think about snacking at Christmas? Many children start the day in December with a piece of cheap chocolate, sweets are showered on them on the holidays and gingerbread, cinnamon stars, stollen and the like are available in the office.

This has consequences: On average, more than 30 kg of sugar is consumed per person per year, and the trend is rising. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that the consumption of free sugar should not exceed 5% of the total daily energy intake. Oops, children and young people are currently at 17.5% and who would have thought it: The last two months of the year are the strongest sales for sweets. A full 23% of annual confectionery sales fall during the Christmas season. First place is still occupied by hollow chocolate figures, above all the popular chocolate Santa Claus.

sugar cube

Time for Snowy to shove the old man off his throne or banish him from his boots.

Can a reindeer sleigh offset the carbon footprint of Christmas?

The fact is: The CO2 balance of the holidays is more lavish than the Christmas roast. Domestic flights, tree lighting, table decorations, roast goose and Co. have an impact on our climate: Every German causes an average of 338kg of CO2 for their own Christmas party. This means that holiday emissions alone account for up to 15% of the total average carbon footprint of 11.5 tons per year. The consequences: the number of climate-related natural disasters in the form of storms, floods, landslides, etc. has been increasing for decades.

What to do? Don't produce that much CO2 in the first place. Unnecessary travel can be avoided (celebrating for two can also be nice), the family can be delighted with a vegan menu, trees can be planted instead of felled and not every gift needs wrapping paper. Snowy knows the problem and is therefore packaged 100% plastic-free and vegan.

Why do we chop down trees every year but don't plant them?

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree... - and all this for a one-night stand? More than 30 million Christmas trees are sold in Germany every year. That corresponds roughly to half the size of the Black Forest. Hardly any other plant is so enormously over-fertilized and poisoned with chemicals. In addition to pesticide pollution, there is also land use, although the agricultural land could be used much better for growing food. If you get your own tree from abroad, it cannot be guaranteed that chemicals that are prohibited in Germany are used. On the one hand, we have the option of buying an untreated organic fir tree in a pot instead of cutting it down or planting new trees . That's exactly what we do with every product we sell. As many as 24 trees are planted per Carelendar! Who still needs the 0815 chemistry tree?

Are we seriously celebrating a man who brings us his plastic waste once a year?

Life in plastic, it's not fantastic. But such a freshly chopped off fir tree is also a complicated thing: too crooked, too crooked, and it also sheds needles. So give me the plastic tree - decorated with plastic jewelry. Ordered conveniently online from home, plastic trees, which are often shipped from China, are becoming increasingly popular. But doesn't it make more sense to use an artificial fir more than once instead of felling a new tree every year? Not really, because according to studies, these fir trees would have to be put up for 17-20 years before they would have paid for themselves ecologically.

Every German causes around 37 kg of plastic waste per year, which is above the EU average. After the holidays, the artificial trees will be joined by mountains of waste made of environmentally harmful wrapping paper with synthetic dyes. The alternative: don't wrap gifts at all or only wrap them with recycled paper or newspaper and also make the tree hangings sustainable. Making Christmas decorations doesn't have to be time-consuming, straw stars or dried orange peels will do the trick.

Do we now have to throw all values ​​overboard?

No way! Because charity, mindfulness, helpfulness and social commitment are the true heroes of Christmas. Let's combine old values ​​with new traditions and start thinking about Christmas 2050 today. Now it's time to think ahead, rethink, rethink! Winter can remain the time for snacking and Christmas cookies , but that can also be done without cheap ingredients and environmentally harmful aluminum packaging. It may remain the time of giving away, but with care and at best unpackaged. Above all, however, it is welcome to remain the celebration of love - and it definitely doesn't need plastic. Collect moments and stories with your loved ones instead of gifts and enjoy the little things in life instead of just the vegan Christmas goose on Christmas Eve.

Christmas present nu traditional

Are you ready to help Snowy in this great mission?

Spread love. Not sugar and plastic.