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nucao Tafelschokolade in allen 6 Sorten

NEW: nucao is now available as a chocolate bar #ChocolateActivism

Bolt up and watch out: We are turning the chocolate business upside down! After you've been wanting it for so long, we can finally introduce you to six limited chocolate varieties that make a crisp statement against climate change bite by bite. Ready for a really sustainable chocolate bar? Then get ready for the most delicately melting revolution. Get ready for Chocolate Activism!

The first nucao chocolate bar: outrageously delicious and sustainably good

With the nucao Schoki in a new form, the first bar of chocolate enters the stage that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. No child labour, no animal suffering, no plastic waste. But irresistibly delicious and uncompromisingly good for everyone .

Maybe you're thinking to yourself: "Eat chocolate and save the planet at the same time ?! That's clear..." Okay, okay, of course we know that chocolate has a sporting footprint on our environment. But that doesn't mean we can't do everything we can to minimize it and give as much back to our planet as we can. With every outrageously melt-in-your-mouth bite of this bar, you make a difference - and show your chocolate side.

How it works:

Our nuco chocolate bar is vegan and still incredibly creamy

Did you know that CO2 is about 28 times worse for the climate than methane emissions? That's why we do without milk and milk powder - and thus without the time-consuming detour via the cow. Believe us: every type of nucao is 100% vegan and tastes so creamy and tender that you won't miss any animal ingredients at all.

Each nucao chocolate bar is organic and plastic-free

We not only want to protect our chocolate bars from external influences, but above all our environment. That's why we're certain: We pack every product plastic-free. Each nucao bar is wrapped in a home- compostable film made of cellulose - a renewable raw material from trees - and then hopped into a cardboard box. The cellulose used is obtained from FSC and PEFC-certified forestry and may be disposed of on a well-managed home compost site. There it decomposes into water, CO2 and biomass in less than 12 months.

Please also read our Blog article "Composting: what it can do and how it works " .

nucao Almond Seasalt chocolate bar, along with the ingredients almonds and sea salt

nucao is fair & supports our reforestation project in Nepal with every panel

The cocoa business is dirty, the conditions on the cocoa plantations are catastrophic - not to mention the child labor. That has to change! That's why we source our cocoa from Fairtrade-certified cooperatives in Peru. The small farmers rely on sustainable cultivation in agroforestry systems , careful use of resources and the high quality of their products. Fair trade also enables them to sell the cocoa at a fair price . At the same time, the seal guarantees compliance with human rights and the exclusion of child and slave labor .

In addition, we support a women-led reforestation project in Nepal with every nucao panel. There, together with our long-term partner Eden Reforestation, the destroyed ecosystems are being revived, the population is being supported and a sign of gender equality and fair wages is being set. 🌳

Here you can find out more about our reforestation project in Nepal:

These six delicious types of nucao chocolate bars are waiting for you:

One thing is certain:

Chocolate makes you happy.

Chocolate is nerve food.

Chocolate is pure pleasure for the soul.

Whether bittersweet, white or a creamy whole milk alternative, every variety of the new nucao chocolate bar is packed with vegan organic ingredients and lots of pleasure.

nucao White Vanilla

White Vanilla does not contain milk or milk powder and will quickly make you forget about normal white chocolate. Our light variety is wonderfully tender, refined with a fine vanilla note and perfected with a pinch of sea salt.

nucao chocolate bar in the White Vanilla variety

Nucao Creamy Chocolate

Soul Warmer instead of Earth Warmer – nucao Creamy Chocolate is the tastiest vegan milk chocolate that saves the climate with every bite. Fair cocoa and ground hazelnuts make the variety incomparably delicate and creamy. Without muuuhhh, but more mhhhh.

nucao chocolate bar in the Creamy Chocolate variety

nucao Creamy Coconut

Eat me to become a Chocolate Activist! With Creamy Coconut you dive into your mental break bite by bite. Outrageously melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, refined with tropical coconut flakes, makes climate-friendly dreams from the South Seas come true.

nucao chocolate bar in the Creamy Coconut variety

nucao Crunchy Hazelnut

"Hazelnut" is the classic in milk chocolate heaven. Cows and our planet don't like it at all. That's why we have Crunchy Hazelnut finally a climate-friendly, vegan chocolate for you that also tastes really good. Outrageously creamy and refined with crunchy hazelnuts, Crunchy Hazelnut puts any normal nut chocolate in the shade.

nucao Crunchy Hazelnut chocolate bar

nucao Almond Seasalt

Dark chocolate - bright future. Almond Seasalt takes you on a very special adventure of pleasure: Slightly sweet, a bit salty and unbelievably creamy, the dark variety ignites a firework of flavors in a class of its own, which is rounded off by roasted almonds.

nucao chocolate bar in the Almond Seasalt variety

nucao Dark and Creamy

Dark & ​​Creamy takes you to the dark side of chocolate and easily outperforms normal dark chocolate. The fine bourbon vanilla is the ideal counterpart to the tart chocolate treat. Bitter for you - not for the environment.

nucao chocolate bar in the Dark and Creamy variety

Become part of #chocolateactivism and decide about a greener future on the supermarket shelf

It's up to you. You now have the unique opportunity to help determine which nucao bars you want to find on the supermarket shelves in autumn. All you have to do is give us your feedback on our prototypes.

Be part of the solution for a greener future on the supermarket shelf. Be part of #chocolateactivism .

More about our chocolate bar and mission

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nucao chocolate bar - vegan revolution on the chocolate shelf

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