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nucao Bunny: der vegane Schokohase stellt sich im Steckbrief vor

PROFILE - Our nucao bunny introduces himself

My name is Bunny and I know how things work. With me you fill the Easter nests with the best taste and a huge portion of good conscience this year. How to celebrate a sustainable Easter? I'll tell you how easy it is:

Name: Bunny

Birthday: Easter 2021

Place of residence: environmentally friendly cardboard instead of aluminum foil

Character: delicately creamy and irresistible

Weight: 60g Yes, I have a small tummy, but it suits me pretty well and makes me even more loveable.

Inner values: Cocoa mass, tiger nut flour, coconut blossom sugar, cocoa butter, peeled hemp seeds, acerola powder.

nucao Bunny: Profile and inner values ​​for vegan Easter

Dream job : I don't understand the question. What could be nicer than sweetening the festival for all Easter fans with really good taste - without a guilty conscience and refined sugar. I've already found my absolute dream job.

Badge: I am very ambitious: vegan, plastic free, organic.

Special Talents: I have a license to improve the world. Even without animal ingredients, I am tender, creamy and indescribably delicious. I don't even need milk or powdered milk. My Superhero cape is plastic free and home compostable. I also absolutely deserve my organic seal. Don't forget: I don't just make children's eyes light up. Although I have nothing to hide, I like to hide. And love being found even more. I'm also really good at planting (or having) trees. That's why one tree is planted for each copy I sell.

Favorite piece of clothing: I am trend-conscious and love my home-compostable packaging film. It protects me, is super comfortable to wear and protects the environment. Aluminum and plastic are so out of fashion!

Biggest secret: I hid a coloring picture to cut out on the inside of the box. Psssst, please tell others ;)

That scares me: climate change. It not only threatens us bunnies, but the entire planet. We finally have to do something.

Hobbies: Just have to save the world for a moment... and of course Easter. I love to be nibbled and hidden, even if I have absolutely nothing to hide. I can't imagine anything nicer in my free time than giving others pleasure.

vegan Easter: nucao bunny packaging with coloring picture on the inside

Favorite Instagram Account: Be sure to check out the nu company 's Instagram account.

Favorite TikTok Account: On the nu company 's TikTok account there's the best information and always something to laugh about.

Best moment: Last year I was sold out in no time – so it's worth being quick this year.

That really annoys me: aluminum packaging, blind consumption, cryptic lists of ingredients, climate change and people who turn a blind eye to it.

My tip: Change what bothers you. Take action to make the world a greener, better place again. I will help you with it.

Favorite buddy: Snowy 🐧 He did a great job at Christmas and finally established new traditions . Now he's on his well-deserved vacation and I'm picking up right where he left off.

Can we see you live? Of course! Either you order me in the online shop at the nu company or you visit me directly in retail . I would like to move in with you.

nucao chocolate: Snowy and Bunny hollow figure

Celebrate vegan Easter now: 🐰🥕 Make family and friends happy and give away uncompromisingly good chocolate: