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numove berry blend frühstück shake

New year - new numove shake. The new recipe:

Never stop challenging - this is one of our core values. We asked ourselves what our body needs in active everyday life and around training. It was always clear to us that it needs more than just protein in order to be optimally supplied. That's why we sharpened the focus. In addition, we listened to the feedback from our customers and revised the recipe holistically. Just in time for the new year, we can now introduce you to our improved numove shake. Even creamier. Even more soluble. Even tastier and above all: with more than protein.

More than protein - this is how we improved numove Shake

If it says more than protein on it, there should also be more than protein in it. Our numove shake is now even better so that our body is given the best possible care after a workout or in an active lifestyle. A one-sidedly high protein content simply cannot be everything, which is why we focus on a balanced nutritional value profile in our new recipe, which supplies the body with important energy in the form of high-quality carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C as well as minerals. The contained superfoods lucuma and acerola also provide secondary plant substances. numove Shake delivers:

  • high quality carbohydrates
  • vegetable protein
  • more super foods
  • lots of fiber
  • vitamin C and magnesium
  • all essential amino acids
numove fitness shake cacao cinnamon on wooden table

We implement your feedback on numove Shake

We listen, we do it. The opinion of our customers is extremely important to us. We listened to the feedback on our "old" numove shake and integrated it into our recipe:

We've lowered the percentage of pea and sunflower protein a bit so that the new version

  • even more flavorful
  • and visually more appealing

is. Another secret ingredient in our improved recipe is ground oats. This ensures:

  • even more creaminess
  • even better solubility in water or plant milk
  • even more balance thanks to the increased proportion of high-quality carbohydrates

Super Drink with Superfoods: Acerola & Lucuma

Another bonus of our improved numove shake recipe is the addition of the superfood lucuma and the increased proportion of acerola, making the shake even more nutritious. superfoods are Foods that are usually associated with higher health benefits due to their nutrient content. They can be a useful part of the diet and often contain ingredients that cannot be made available to the body in the form of conventional foods.

contains so much vitamin C that one serving of the powder alone covers over 30% of the vitamin C daily requirement. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and also increases iron absorption.
The lucuma fruit has a high nutrient density and is a source of potassium. It also has an incomparable, delicious taste. No wonder, then, that these superfoods should not be missing from our optimized recipe.

numove shake berry blend breakfast

How our fitness shake supports you in everyday life

Who does not know it: Sometimes there is simply not enough time for a hearty breakfast in the morning. Instead of the filled wheat roll from the bakery, you can quickly prepare our drink and simply take it with you. Even if you want to do sports directly after work, but don't want to unnecessarily burden your stomach with food, our revised powder is ideal and provides you with valuable nutrients on the go.

Despite the new recipe at numove Shake, we naturally remain true to our values. The packaging consists of home compostable cellulose film and cardboard. The ingredients are vegan and absolutely natural: sweeteners have no place in our products. So you can enjoy your numove shake with a really good conscience and know that your body is well taken care of. That's how easy it can be. The well thought-out recipe not only provides you with a balanced supply for your active lifestyle, but can also be used in a variety of ways.

Prepare the numove shake: shake, not stir

Among other things, you can take numove Shake with you when you need something quick in the morning. This works best with our matching shaker . It's easy to prepare: mix 40 g (3 tbsp) of powder with 300 ml of plant-based milk (we love oat milk). If you like it a little sweeter, you can add a banana, for example. If you like it less sweet, simply mix the powder with water to make a creamy drink. We like to use the powder from numove Shake in smoothies, smoothie bowls , muesli , porridge or for baking waffles , cinnamon rolls , pancakes , bread and co.

Shake what your planet gave ya: your natural drink for every day

Whether after sport, for breakfast or on the go - numove Shake provides your body with more than just protein. The balanced nutritional profile supports your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, all essential amino acids and a really good taste. Even more soluble, even creamier and even more well thought-out than the previous recipe, there is absolutely no way around numove Shake 2.0.

three types of numove fitness shake in a glass

Give your body what it needs: numove Shake.
Happy New Year!