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Herstellungsprozess Proteinriegel

nu protein bars: the most exciting product thriller of the year

Making protein bars – how difficult can that actually be? Let's put it this way: Chuck Norris didn't make it. We spent a year and a half developing the product for the first natural protein bar on the market that is healthy and sustainable. The standards in the food industry have put many obstacles in our way, which we have successfully removed step by step. Here we provide you with all the insights, hurdles and solutions for the creation process of our bar.

Protein Bar Phase I: Flavor development without artificial ingredients

In September 2018, our founder Mathias Tholey initiates product development with the words: "We are now making a protein bar." The first experiments begin in a startup-like manner in a two square meter room, without ventilation and a gas cooker. It quickly becomes clear that without aromas and humectants it is very difficult for us to get flavor into the mass, with a protein content of 60%. In the current industry, dates are mostly used for sweetening, which we have excluded for production - on the one hand because of the high sugar content, but on the other hand also because of the composition of the sugar. Dates contain a lot of fructose compared to other foods. In many people, fructose cannot be absorbed sufficiently from the intestines into the body and can cause typical symptoms such as flatulence, diarrhea and cramps. The choice of protein is not easy either: hemp protein does not meet expectations in terms of taste and peas or chickpeas are also eliminated after a few test bars.

Production of the protein bar
Finding the right recipe

Protein bar phase II: everything at the beginning

But we find a list of ingredients that might fit and start the first test production in August 2020. The result: the bars are too dry, have no taste of their own and everything is called into question. So clear your thoughts again and start from scratch: new recipes and fine tuning. We continue to experiment and develop three varieties: cashew vanilla, chocolate and salted peanut. We make a hundred samples ourselves and look for a producer. The challenge here: We are only looking for a producer with organic certification who can coat our bars with chocolate and process peanuts. The criterion of peanuts simply goes beyond the scope and so the Salted Peanut variety says goodbye.

Protein bar phase III: the breakthrough

And as it has to be in a startup kitchen, the big breakthrough comes simply in a cloak-and-dagger operation. We create a caramel paste ourselves - of course without sugar! Thus the new variety is born: Salted Caramel. This completes our three varieties. In the next step, we can convince our producer to start producing the caramel paste from our kitchen on a large scale. What a success!

Protein bars phase IV: the tragic 0-series

In November 2020, the 0 series will finally start, the first major production. We are excited to tears, but instead of flying high, there is a crash landing right from the start: the mass crumbles, the salt is too coarse and the caramel carpet cannot be cut by the machines. At noon, the manager of production calls and breaks off the 0 series. A pizza burns us directly in the oven. The product launch timeline is breathing down our necks. It's no use - keep going! We are aware that we are developing a very high quality and complex product from scratch. Producing a protein bar without additives, sugar and flavorings is also new for producers! The conventional machines in the food industry cannot process a product mass without additives such as polydextrose. But adding additives to make the latch work for the machines? Not with us! The producer is convinced of our protein bar and shows a strong willingness to cooperate in the further development of the mass. We also get a lot of support and understanding from our team. It is precisely this type of support that makes our pioneering work possible and gives us new motivation. After the first rollercoaster of emotions, we are developing a battle plan and are postponing the launch to March 2021 for the time being. We are optimistic about the next phase and will soon reap the fruits of our perseverance.

Product development in the laboratory
experience the production process
First results of our protein bar
Developed protein bar numove

Protein Bars Phase V: Crazy December

December brings not only the spirit of Christmas and the season of Advent, but also a new potential producer. The bad luck seems to be over, hope is spreading. We politely decline drinking mulled wine and eating gingerbread, instead there are many different tests on the machines. We are finally lucky enough to find a producer who is in good spirits and who wants to take on our recipe! In the new year we are the first on the production line and can hardly believe it: Our bars roll off the line without any problems and even with the old, reduced-sugar recipe! Halleluja - the new year seems to mean well with us. After this roller coaster ride we can hardly believe our luck.

Protein bars phase VI: there is always a way

In the meantime, production is running like clockwork and nothing stands in the way of the launch - the nu kind of protein is here:

Of course we always want to create the tastiest and most extraordinary varieties for you, but as you can see, the work and the path behind such a product is often harder and longer than it seems at first glance. For the time being, our bar is only available in the varieties Cookie Dough and Brownie Crunch. While said caramel paste still has its challenges, Salted Caramel will eventually see the light of day. And who knows if the peanut theme will play a significant role again in the not too distant future? We wouldn't rule it out. Because if there's one thing we've learned, it's this: there's always a way!

With ...

12 g best protein,
✅ without artificial additives,
✅ 50% less sugar than comparable protein bars,
✅ Plenty of fiber, as well
✅ Vitamin C and magnesium

... numove is the perfect workout snack that supports your regeneration and muscle building after exercise. numove is coated with our nucao couverture, which gives the bars a uniquely delicious taste that makes our mouths water just thinking about it.

Protein bar brownie numove
Cookie Dough protein bar
Vegan plastic-free and natural protein bars