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Overnight oats selbst machen Frühstück

Fruity overnight oats with berries

Are you always in a hurry in the morning and don't actually have the right time for breakfast? You can easily prepare the protein oats from this recipe the night before and get up relaxed in the morning without having to worry about your breakfast. In addition, they provide you with a portion of fiber and plant-based protein so that your stores are filled for the coming hours. What else stands in the way of a successful day?

The breakfast trend – what are overnight oats actually?

They're hyped, social media is full of creative recipes and we love them too: overnight oats. It's nothing more than soaked oatmeal - except, of course, that doesn't sound nearly as sexy.

The oat flakes (oats) are mixed with milk, water, quark or another liquid of your choice and then placed in the refrigerator overnight. A delicious, filling breakfast is ready.

8 reasons why you should try overnight oats

  1. The preparation is super fast:
  2. Overnight oats fill you up
  3. They provide you with complex carbohydrates and protein
  4. Overnight oats are cheap
  5. Countless variants ensure plenty of variety
  6. Breakfast to-go: The oats are ideal to take with you
  7. They're damn delicious.
Overnight oats in bowl with berries

Ingredients for your overnight oats:

The quick basic recipe

First you mix oatmeal, flaxseed and numove shake in a bowl with the oat milk. Then core the apple, grate it and add it to the bowl along with the lemon juice. Mix everything together well and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next morning you can top the overnight oats with half a banana, currants, almond butter and chia seeds and enjoy!

Overnight oats with berries

Porridge vs. Overnight Oats - what's the difference?

In short: overnight oats are the cold version of porridge. While you first have to boil the oatmeal for porridge, the refrigerator does the work for our recipe.

We wouldn't want to do without either variant, but we love porridge especially in winter and like to enjoy the cold oats in summer.

Tender oat flakes, hearty oat flakes, melted flakes - which is better?

That's not easy to say, because each variant has its own advantages.

Let's start with a simple question: how is oatmeal made? Oatmeal is made from – drum roll – oats. If the whole grain is rolled flat, pithy oat flakes are created. They are nice and nutty, absorb liquid a little more slowly and score particularly well in muesli and muesli bars. If you like a little bite, pithy flakes are a good choice for you.

If the rolled grain is then cut, tender oat flakes are created. They absorb liquid better than their hearty counterparts and are therefore particularly suitable for creamier recipes such as porridge, overnight oats or for baking.

The melting flakes are the last of the bunch. They are created when the oat grain is finely ground. Since they are very easy to mix to a pulp, you can often find them in the baby section of the supermarket or drugstore.


Can I lose weight with oatmeal/overnight oats?

Losing weight with overnight oats - sounds almost too good to be true, right? But it is possible.

In order to lose weight, a calorie deficit is the key to success. The advantage of overnight oats is that you can vary the components greatly. You want to save a few calories? Then reduce the proportion of oatmeal and increase the proportion of fruit, for example. Instead of nut butter and nuts, you can use lower-calorie toppings such as apple pulp or cocoa powder.

Zucchinis are ideal for more volume with a lower calorie density. Yes, you read that right, you can spice up your breakfast with vegetables. You may also know this variant under the term "Zoats" (zucchini + oats). You grate the vegetables very finely and mix them into your oats. Don't worry - you can't taste it at all. If you don't like zucchini or don't have them ready, grated carrots work great too. Give it a try!

How long do overnight oats keep?

You can keep your overnight oats in the fridge for about three days. They are also ideal as meal prep. So that you can still fully enjoy your oats on the third day, we recommend that you always add fresh fruit on a daily basis.

Good Appetite.

Chocolate for the tastiest oat topping

You could taste it like this:

Fruity pieces of apple, smooth almond milk and a touch of cinnamon - perfect for enjoying the fresh morning air and the first rays of sunshine of the day.

Apple cinnamon porridge with protein

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