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nachhaltig Ostern feiern mit the nu company

Sustainable Easter - with @utas_glueck

Sustainable Easter with children? @utas_glueck was there right away. The topic has been close to her heart for many years: "Easter is becoming more and more of a consumer battle every year. Some children get bigger Easter presents than our children for their birthdays". In this article, Uta presents her Easter traditions, which have nothing to do with consumption.

When the stuffed bunnies disappear...

When our girls were small, Easter always began a few weeks before Easter: on the day when the plush bunnies (there were many at the time) disappeared from the children's room. Of course, the children noticed that immediately and we always acted very surprised at first, but then assumed that the bunnies must have rushed to help the Easter bunny. After all, Easter is in a few weeks and a rabbit really can't do it alone.

On Easter Sunday we always hid the plush bunnies in the garden together with the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies - what a joy it was when they suddenly found their beloved bunnies in the bushes!

Plush Easter Bunny is hiding
Children are looking for gifts at Easter

Incidentally, I came up with the idea so that the children have more to "find" without getting too many presents or chocolate eggs. As long as they played with the plush bunnies, our kids loved this tradition.

If you don't want to tell the children a story about the Easter Bunny, you can think of a different story . Maybe the rabbits just disappear because they travel? And then come back just in time for Easter.

Vegan eggs - gifts for young and old

Of course we also have small Easter gifts. As a rule, each child gets a book and something else to play with. An Easter gift that always goes down well: sidewalk chalk in the shape of eggs.

Bouncy balls in the shape of eggs are always a nice little gift.

Easter gift ideas: egg-shaped bouncy balls
Gifts for children at Easter: chalk for painting

But what would Easter be without chocolate bunnies?

I admit it: for a long time we also had conventional chocolate bunnies from the supermarket. But when we started to deal with the growing conditions of cocoa , these were no longer an option at all and we switched to fair rabbits from the health food store. Unfortunately these were not vegan. But luckily the nucao Bunny has been around since 2021!

The nucao bunny is perfect for Easter

The chocolate bunny from the nu company is vegan and consists exclusively of fair trade ingredients: cocoa mass, tiger nut flour, coconut blossom sugar, cocoa butter, peeled hemp seeds and acerola powder! It's super creamy, super tasty - and all without any industrial sugar or exploitation. In addition, the Bunny is packaged plastic-free, because our planet is very important to him. Want to learn more about the perfect Easter bunny? In the bunny profile , the bunny introduces himself.

nucao Bunny in a bundle for Easter

Of course, a bunny doesn't come alone - after all, all guests and family members want to find their own bunny in the garden at Easter.

And when the bunnies have eaten, it's time for the Easter chocolate from the nu company - fair snacking is simply best. The best gift idea for loved ones? Definitely the varied Easter bundles . This also makes the environment happy, because every product supports the reforestation of our forests.

I especially love the text on the Easter chocolate packs:

Easter chocolate from the nu company

We don't just snack on chocolate at Easter

What is part of every Easter celebration for us are vegan carrot cupcakes , which my daughters can now also bake. If you’re not as crazy about cupcakes as we are, you can of course also simply prepare them as vegan carrot muffins with icing.

Our vegan fried egg muffins are also very tasty and decorative. And what should not be missing from our extensive Easter brunch is a vegan yeast braid .

Vegan carrot cake muffin
Recipe for vegan fried egg muffins
Easter - recipes to imitate
Yeast plait at Easter – recipe

Energyballs: The energy kick for the Easter hunt

Do you already know my homemade "Easter Eggs" aka Lemon Coconut Energy Balls and Chocolate Peanut Energy Balls ? The Bliss Balls not only taste great, they also make a great Easter gift. If you don't have any Easter egg molds, you can simply form small eggs from the mass.

Bliss Balls to give away
Energy balls for Easter including recipe

The decoration: vegan Easter decorations

By the way, we don't decorate for Easter until Easter Saturday (traditionally, Easter eggs shouldn't be hanging on Good Friday). But what about Easter eggs if you live vegan? For example, you can felt Easter eggs yourself or paint Easter candles .

Felt Easter eggs
Easter candles DIY

Also Easter grass should not be missing at Easter. The children sow this sustainably themselves two weeks before Easter.

Sustainable Easter grass to sow yourself

No matter how you organize your Easter, maybe I could inspire you to be a little more sustainable at Easter. I would be very happy!

In In my bundle I have put together my dream Easter basket for you with all our favorite bars and lots of bunnies. Too much for you alone? Just make other loved ones happy at Easter. The world can't have enough uncompromisingly good chocolate bunnies and love!

Feel free to check out my blog and Instagram channel (@utas_glueck). It's all about the small and big happiness: our endless desire to travel and closeness to nature,
creative ideas or tinkering in the kitchen – because all of that makes me very, very happy.

Celebrating Easter sustainably has been very important to me for many years.

uats_glueck Bundle by the nu company

Chocolate for every occasion:

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Easter traditions - often not the yellow of the egg

Hand holds vegan yeast bunnies

Baking at Easter: Recipe for vegan yeast bunnies

Hand holds vegan yeast bunnies

Baking at Easter: Recipe for vegan yeast bunnies