"We want every peep at the till to be a signal for a healthier & greener world."

What we do.

We develop foods that make a difference. For healthy people. And a planet with Zukunſt.


Nature is our laboratory

The Zukunſt of nutrition is natural & vegetable for us. And consists of ingredients that you can pronounce. We stand for natural ingredients instead of preservatives. For vegetable solutions instead of animal additives. And for real taste instead of synthetic flavors.

#climate positive

We fight for tomorrow.

We don't stop when you're full. After all, what good is short-term happiness if we risk our environment in the long run? We don't want to wait for our grandchildren to respond. We want to use food as leverage in the fight against the climate crisis - and plant a tree for every verkauſte product.

#climate positive


What packaging is made of has long since become a question of fate for our oceans. We want to show that "plastic-free" is no longer a utopia - with packaging that disappears after a few months.

#climate positive

Afforestation made easy

For each verkauſte product, a mangrove is planted in Madagascar. So simple - so effective. This means a total of 305kg of bound CO2 per product - the emissions of a car trip from Rome to Stockholm! Our partner for reforestation is the global NGO Eden Reforestation Projects. They employ the local population to revive almost completely destroyed mangrove forests. Mangroves bind 4x more CO2 than tropical trees, are home to countless endangered species and form the basis of fertile soil for the local people.

Where do we plant our trees?

from engineers to chocolatiers

We, Mathias, Thomas and Chris, were fully on course with the prospect of a well-paid engineering job. Until shortly before we graduated we sat in the library and wondered why there was nothing out there for the hunger in between but sugared, artificial or tastelessly boring snacks. Mathias had received a chocolate do-it-yourself set as a present at the same time and came up with a strange idea. Instead of mixing cocoa with sugar and milk powder (as is done in the industry), he added (as a nutritional freak does) tons of hemp seeds and saved a lot of sugar. The idea of a healthy chocolate bar was born. While we were developing the product for ourselves and our friends in the shared kitchen, we never dreamed that one day we would use it to change the world. But as the first bars rolled off the production line in our own factory, the question became louder and louder within us as to what we were doing it for and why. Right from the start we were looking for sustainable approaches in all areas; we focused on organic ingredients from the very beginning and looked for plastic-free packaging solutions. But all in all our ecological balance was still negative - we took more from our planet than we gave back. Driven by the advancing climate crisis and inspired by the green search engine Ecosia, the idea was born to use our product, which potentially goes through the checkout a thousand times a day, as a lever for change. Since then, we've been planting a tree for every verkauſte product. In the meantime we are close to breaking the 1 million tree mark and are working on creating a global lighthouse project for sustainable consumption. Our goal: plastic-free shelves by 2030 - 1 billion trees planted and a global movement for less sugar and plant-based nutrition. We are happy to have you with us.

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