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nucao Gründer. Thomas Stoffels. Christian Fenner. Mathias Tholey
nucao Gründer. Thomas Stoffels. Christian Fenner. Mathias

Hungry for change.

At nucao, we believe doing the right thing should be fun. That's why we do everything we can every day to make our chocolate even tastier and more sustainable! For a world we all want to live in: Green, fair and outrageously delicious.

Choc the system. Choc the system. Choc the system.

We had a few questions. nucao is the answer.

How can we turn the tables?

We believe that consumption actually makes a positive difference
can make. That's why we support with every product sold
Reforestation projects in Nepal and Madagascar.
The big goal: one billion trees!

How do we get it on the (supply) chain?

We are constantly working on a supply chain that is as transparent as possible. And we don't give up when it comes to faire
Wages & organic farming works! We are currently involved
from our partner cocoa cooperative
agroforestry project. To be continued!

Who needs cow's milk in chocolate?

nucao is 100% vegan. Point!
we never understood
why you have to pour milk into chocolate.
But convince yourself! Of course we are also organic.
Sweeteners, flavorings or other nonsense
you search in vain.

Is that also possible without waste that remains for 200 years?

We do not shy away from risks and efforts to make the big ones
address the packaging issues of our time.
That's why nucao products are either
packed in home-compostable foil or recyclable paper.
Off into the cycle with you!

Greetings from Leipzig!

nucao team. let's grow together.

A team

We are nucao: an enthusiastic team of real chocoholics. Our goal? The best chocolate from the best ingredients, made under the best conditions - for you and our planet.

A mission

We love chocolate. But it is even more important to show us that positive consumption is possible! With our chocolate products, we want to plant a billion trees as quickly as possible!

One on the waffle

We're not quite normal. Otherwise we wouldn't be messing with the big names in the chocolate industry and racking our brains about how to make vegan chocolate creamy, how to make packaging recyclable, or how to make consumption climate-friendly.

The beeping when you buy our products? This is the sound of a better world.

We believe that positive consumption is possible and that you can also make the world a better place at the supermarket checkout. That's why we not only focus on sustainability in production and packaging, but also plant trees. You can find out where and how this happens here:

With us, the future has history

Three guys meet in a kitchen...

Mathias, Thomas and Christian are on course towards an engineering career – until they develop their first own chocolate recipe in the shared kitchen. "Brilliant!" find their friends, "naive" say the chocolate makers. But compromises are not an option, so they simply open their own manufactory. Organic ingredients and plastic-free packaging are a must from the start.


The better the bigger.

The first year goes well, a partner is found for the ever-increasing production. But the cooperation with Eden Projects is even more important: The “1 product = 1 tree” principle is anchored in the business model. Thanks to incredibly successful crowdfunding campaigns, the range continues to grow and there is the first listing on the dm shelves.


Go big or go home.

We finally realize that a lot has happened here in recent years - but not in the food industry. We postulate our goal of 1 billion trees by 2030 and are going on the offensive - with more products, larger partners and a motivated team of over 50 people.


We let chocolate do the talking.

While more and more things are happening in the young company, the goals are also getting bigger: for example, planting a billion trees by 2030. With more and more products, bigger partners and a team of more than 50 people, we're going on the offensive. The first chocolate bar summit will be convened in 2021 - to invite the industry to discuss the future.


A brand new brand.

After the five-year anniversary and many milestones reached, it's time for an outfit change. And what a! The snazzy rebrand (our humble opinion) sees the light of day and sets out to reach even more people in the future. The goal: to prove that sustainability and conscious consumption go well together with style and fun.

More about us

Become part of the 1 billion tree project!

We donate 3% of our income to reforestation projects.

Chocoholics and world saviors wanted!

We are looking for people who want to make the world a better place with us.

Ready to make a difference?

Time for a real change in the chocolate shelf. We fight for what is important and set new standards.