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Box of 3 numove shake - Cacao Cinnamon

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Our shake with an improved recipe provides you with active everyday life and around's training. It gives your body exactly what it needs: more than protein. In addition to vegetable protein, it is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and all the essential amino acids. We have avoided artificial flavors and sweeteners, as well as refined sugar.

Content: 3 x 200g

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Box of 3 numove shake - Cacao Cinnamon

Purely natural, sustainable and enriched with fiber, superfoods, vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids, numove Shake provides you with more than protein. Cacao-cinnamon is a must-have for all chocoholics. The variety is full-bodied and aromatic with a spicy note of cinnamon and purely natural organic ingredients. Cocoa powder made from 100% fair cocoa beans provides the aromatic chocolate taste. Give your body what it needs in active everyday life - without additives, sweeteners and flavors. Even creamier, even tastier and even better soluble in water or plant-based milk, Cacao Cinnamon will be your new favorite drink. Enjoy it in water or plant milk, in porridge or for baking.

Zutaten von nucao Schokoriegel sind Hanfsamen Kakaobohnen und Haselnüsse
Zutaten von nucao Schokoriegel sind Hanfsamen Kakaobohnen und Haselnüsse

100% organic and vegan.

100% organic and vegan.

Zutaten und Nährwerte

Box of 3 numove shake - Cacao Cinnamon

Organic protein powder with cocoa and cinnamon


OAT FLOUR*, sunflower protein*, cocoa powder* (14%), coconut blossom sugar*, pea protein*, guar gum*, lucuma powder* (2.5%), cinnamon* (2%), apple fiber*, flax flour*, acerola powder* (0.5 %).

May contain traces of egg, nuts, soy, milk protein, celery & mustard. Allergens are capitalized. The nutritional values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products. * controlled organic cultivation **1 portion = 40 g in 300 ml water. Packaging contains powder for 5 servings. *** the daily reference dose **** the daily reference dose for an adult (70kg body weight; WHO/FAO) Covers 1/4 of the daily amino acid requirement. DE-ÖKO-021


Nährstoffe pro 100g 40g / Portion**
Brennwert 1558kJ / 370kcal 623kJ / 148kcal
Fett 7,1g 2,8g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 1,7g 0,7g
Kohlenhydrate 45g 18g
davon Zucker 11g 4,4g
Ballaststoffe 12g 4,8g
Eiweiß 26g 10g
Salz 0,18g 0,07g
Vitamin C 85mg (106%***) 34mg (43%***)
Magnesium 278mg (74%***) 111mg (30%***)
Eisen 7mg (51%***) 2,9mg (20%***)
Isoleucine 929mg (66%****) 372mg (27%****)
Leucine 1499mg (55%****) 600mg (22%****)
Lysine 1010mg (48%****) 404mg (19%****)
Methionine 282mg (40%****) 113mg (16%****)
Phenylalanine 846mg (48%****) 338mg (19%****)
Threonine 719mg (69%****) 288mg (27%****)
Tryptophan 216mg (77%****) 87mg (31%****)
Valine 1112mg (61%****) 445mg (24%****)

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